Identify, set up, capture and edit photos for social media - on your smartphone

How do I make my images look better on social media?

Are you a little disappointed in your photos that you and your team post?


Want to Up your social media game? The first place to start is improving the images.


If you find yourself envious of other social media photos - this workshop is for you.


It is very noisy on social media and creating impactful photos that engage is a crucial tool to connect with your customers.


In our mobile world, we have an incredibly short attention span as we scroll through our feeds on social media etc.  Photos are interpreted 60,000 times faster than text.  It takes only 13 milliseconds for your brain to interpret a photo!


The convenience of mobile phone cameras and the popularity of visual marketing have resulted in an unprecedented surge in the use of imagery in our daily lives. This is a great thing! More people are discovering photography and how they can use it in a positive way (both on a professional and personal level).


Everyone is now including a visual asset (image, video, infographic) on all their blogs, social media posts – placing even more pressure to consistently produce genuine and engaging visual assets.


Video is very on trend and for good reason. I am a huge advocate for video. However, the best videos require a lot more preparation, design and scripting than an image.


Do not post stock images. They can be easy to spot and are regularly circulated. Sharing happy snaps on your phone could be even worse. It is not fair, however, your business may be judged by your images.

iphone and android Smartphone photography workshop in melbourne and geelong

Suitable for:

Small to medium sized businesses that have an online social media presence.

Images are really powerful to connect with your existing and prospective clients. It is a way of showing them what you offer, the problem you serve, how they will feel and build a genuine trust.

If you require social media strategy or management - we can offer some recommendations. 

This workshop covers:

  • Smartphone camera specific techniques
  • What photographs to capture
  • Visual storytelling
  • How to structure and set up the photos
  • User generated content
  • Make your photos stand out
  • Photo editing using mobile app Snapseed
  • Photo editing app recommendation
Capture colours for social media photos - captured on an ipad
Social media photos captured on a smartphone camera

Do you manage a social media account for another business?

Do your clients provide average photos?

Improve the photos you have to work with by introducing them to how they can start taking better mobile photos.

You have a number of options to assist your client;

  1. Introduce them to our get started page full of free resources
  2. Direct your client to our free course containing five daily 6-7 minute videos
  3. Host your own group workshop for Mike to educate a number of your clients at your office location. 


In-person one-on-one sessions start at $300

Group pricing starts at $800

Smartphone photography presentation to a small business group - Mike James - Smartphone Photography Training
Keynote speaker Mike James - Smaertphone Photography Training

What clients have to say

About the facilitator - Mike James

The 'Smartphone Photo Guy'

Mike James has combined 20 years of experience in photography and mentoring to become a sought after smartphone photography training specialist – delivering extraordinary value, in an engaged and intelligent way. Sorry, no PowerPoint!

Mike’s passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate, priding himself on avoiding any technical jargon – leaving you and your staff educated, inspired and ready to create stunning images.

Starting at the basics, you will soon be empowered to save time and money, capturing, creating and sharing images well beyond the limits of the standard phone or tablet. The phone camera technology, combined with Mike’s jargon-free techniques, tips and recommended apps have made the smartphone a viable tool for professional photography.

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