Smartphone food photography course for cafe and restaurant staff

Food photography on your smartphone

“People eat with their eyes”

If you run a restaurant or café - your menu is critical. You even designed your menu around many factors – including visual presentation (height and colours). This attention to detail can be lost - if it is not captured correctly.


This workshop is designed to empower you and your staff to capture your own creative, stunning smartphone food photography. Images for social media in-between professional photographer engagements keep your followers engaged to increase free, organics reach.


You will quickly learn that so much of achieving these amazing images has nothing to do with the camera that you are using. It is all about lighting, background, presentation, colours, props, etc.


Similar to product photography - your website and social media are often the first impressions of your food. You need to present your food in the best possible way with a variety of methods that bring out the vibrancy and appeal of the food.

iphone and android smartphone food photography workshops and one on one training

Suitable for:

  • Restaurant, café and bar owners
  • Hospitality staff
  • Catering and events
  • Food and beverage retailers
  • Vineyards

Topics covered:

  • Basic phone camera techniques and tips
  • Creative research on how to capture your food
  • Concept design and basic styling
  • Discuss the importance of lighting – natural lighting
  • Practical and cheap options for lighting and props
  • How to set up and structure the photo
  • Photo editing process using Snapseed app
  • Full hand out provided


Two-hour one-on-one sessions start at $200

Group pricing starts at $100 per person

Why not host a smartphone food photography workshop at your venue - for your customers!

Hosting a food photography workshop for your customers is a fun and unique way to promote your venue and menu. Get them excited to post images of your food, venue and their overall experience. The extra benefit is powerful social proof.

About the facilitator

Mike James has combined 20 years of experience in photography and mentoring to become a sought after smartphone photography training specialist – delivering extraordinary value, in an engaged and intelligent way. Sorry, no PowerPoint!

Mike’s passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate, priding himself on avoiding any technical jargon – leaving you and your staff educated, inspired and ready to create stunning images.

Starting at the basics, you will soon be empowered to save time and money, capturing, creating and sharing images well beyond the limits of the standard phone or tablet. The phone camera technology, combined with Mike’s jargon-free techniques, tips and recommended apps have made the smartphone a viable tool for professional photography.

Smartphone photography presentation to a small business group - Mike James - Smartphone Photography Training
Keynote speaker Mike James - Smaertphone Photography Training

What clients have to say

Client Testimonial - Graeme Anderson Agriculture Development and Extension - Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Our team takes lots of iPhone photos as part of agricultural extension work. Mike ran a great session that had everyone engaged and we all learned about some great tips and apps that we've been using since to improve the photos we post in our communications work.

Graeme Anderson

Agriculture Extension
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources

Liz Grant - Client Testimonial Business Strategy | Marketing | Innovation | Customer Insights at Small Business Smart Business

The universal applicability of photos in business and Mikes' interactive, engaging style results in large workshop attendances. His workshops saves our customers time and frustration, by giving them practical tips to implement straight away. 

Mike's presentations are dynamic and captivate the audience, who are just amazed and excited by what they can achieve on a mobile phone camera.

Liz Grant

Business Strategy - Marketing - Innovation - Customer Insights
Small Business Smart Business

Kate Houlgate - Client Testimonial - Visitor Insights - City of Melbourne

Using social media for my job I wanted to improve the quality of my photos I post. Mike was a fantastic teacher and I learnt a lot over the two hours. It’s hard to believe what you can do with your Smartphone! I’ve been able to immediately put many of the tips into practice and would highly recommend his courses. Thanks Mike.

Kate Houlgate

Visitor Insights - City of Melbourne

Client Testimonial - Elise Getson - Business Events Geelong

I joined the workshop to learn how to take WOW images, for work reasons and for my own personal images too. The session was great and useful for people with all levels of technology knowledge. I learned some handy information that I will now use on a day to day basis. Mike was friendly and very knowledgeable. Thanks

Elise Getson

Marketing and Communications Officer
Business Events Geelong

Client Testimonial - Jurgen Martz - Franchise Owner Guttervac

Mike's workshop really opened up my eyes on what is achievable with these devices. The workshop format was very flexible and allowed me to ask lots of questions based on the types of photos I take both for work and personally. Mike's knowledge of both camera and editing apps was amazing.

Jurgen Martz

Franchise Owner

Jurgen Strauss - Client Testimonial - Innovabiz

Mike's workshop is clearly presented, well organised and a lot of fun. Mike is very knowledgeable and presents the information in a jargon-free, non-judgmental manner with a lot of positive re-enforcement and tips to improve your photographs. I highly recommend the course to all who want to get more from their smartphone camera.

Jürgen Strauss

Online Marketing Strategist

Client Testimonilal - Kathryn McCauley - Social Media Consultant - A guide to consulting services

The workshop has helped me to move out of my mobile photography 'comfort zone' and start experimenting with other editing apps and more features of my iPhone. The FB group is a great follow up support as the news skills will take time to develop. Thanks Mike for answering all my questions and the great follow up.

Kathryn McCauley

Social Media Consultant
A Guide to Consulting Services

Client Testimonial - Lakshmi Cashmor - Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine

Tourism Greater Geelong and Bellarine members learnt how to create better mobile photos which create higher quality marketing content to promote themselves and the region.

Lakshmi Cashmore

Industry Development Officer
Tourism Greater Geelong and Bellarine

Client Testimonial - Ebony Flett - Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism

We arranged smartphone photography training with Mike for tourism businesses, which truly delivered on our goal of giving people simple tips and tools to help them capture more engaging professional photos using their phone.

Ebony Flett

Business Events Officer
Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism

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