Advanced smartphone photography workshop – techniques and apps to capture and edit images

Create images you only thought possible on an SLR!

If you already use an SLR in your business and want to achieve similar photos, taking advantage of the convenience of the phone camera – this is the workshop for you.


Most SLR used in the workplace are set on auto mode. The standard phone camera is the same. You can achieve so much more out of either your Android or iPhone than just the tap of a screen. This advanced smartphone photography workshop provides you the techniques and our recommended apps to start creating photos that can be better than an SLR on auto mode.


There are a number of apps that can not only access the familiar shutter speed, ISO and white balance – you can also achieve macro and long exposure images, etc.


As you noticed, this workshop contains more technical jargon that most of my workshops. If you are new to these technical terms, they can be explained jargon-free to ensure that the techniques and tips are practical and can be applied straight away.


Once you have captured the photo – it is time to edit and enhance the image using our recommended mobile photo editing apps. It is simply extraordinary what you can now achieve on a phone. For most scenarios, there simply is no need to connect and use a desktop-based editing software program.


Mike James has delivered this advanced smartphone photography workshop at numerous camera clubs and absolutely stunned the amateur and professional photographers with the manual and creative capabilities of the phone. Apps available truly extend the capability of the standard phone camera.

Suitable for:

Businesses that already capture photography on the SLR and would like to replicate those manual controls and amazing results – on their phone. New to the technical jargon? That’s ok. Mike can explain even the most complex theory in a practical way that can be understood and applied straight away.

Topics can be combined and tailored to suit your needs:

Advanced smartphone photography – photo shooting workshop topics:

Smartphone camera specific techniques

Camera replacement apps

Theory of shutter and ISO

Metering and exposure

White Balance

Lighting – natural and introduced

Focus Peaking

Macro photography

Low light photography

Long exposure photography

High Dynamic Range

High-resolution imagery

Advanced smartphone photography – image editing workshop topics:

Snapseed basics

Global and local retouching

Colour correction

Dodge and burn

Content aware fill and cloning

Sharpen and blurring

Basic and advanced masking



Noise Removal

Resolution and printing

Transform and liquify tools

Adding copyright and watermarks


Two-hour one-on-one sessions start at $200

Group pricing starts at $100 per person

Smartphone photography presentation to a small business group - Mike James - Smartphone Photography Training

What clients have to say

About the facilitator - Mike James

Mike James has combined 20 years of experience in photography and mentoring to become a sought after smartphone photography training specialist – delivering extraordinary value, in an engaged and intelligent way. Sorry, no PowerPoint!

Mike’s passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate, priding himself on avoiding any technical jargon – leaving you and your staff educated, inspired and ready to create stunning images.

Starting at the basics, you will soon be empowered to save time and money, capturing, creating and sharing images well beyond the limits of the standard phone or tablet. The phone camera technology, combined with Mike’s jargon-free techniques, tips and recommended apps have made the smartphone a viable tool for professional photography.

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