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Listed below are details of upcoming mobile photography workshops that are open to the public - including; industry training or speaking engagements in collaboration with other industry groups, businesses and venues.

Create WOW visual content for Instagram

Very excited to announce - I am arranging my very first conference!

As part of the Victorian Small Business Festival on Tuesday 21st August - I have invited two experts in their field, that I truly respect for their in-depth knowledge and love of educating and inspiring others.

Visual content is becoming increasingly more significant online. Creating quality, relevant, engaging and visually appealing content that reflects your brand – together with a strategic posting strategy is the key to finding you ideal customer and growing your community.

Sessions included:
Mike James - the Smartphone Photo Guy
Discover features on your phone and learn quick, easy photography and editing tips

Zoe Hollingsworth - the Video Confidence Coach
Capture and edit engaging video that speaks to your customers - all on your smartphone

Kathryn McCauley - A Guide To Consulting Services

Now that you have an Instagram account - let's build a following with a posting strategy

More information can be found here

Date: 21st August 2018

Time: 9.30am - 3.00pm

Location: Empire Grill, Geelong

Turn your business images into WOW images

Two hour workshop - learning smartphone specific photography techniques, what make a photo stand out, branding and photographic intent, how to create visual impact in photos, how to set up an image, apps and strategic photo editing using mobile apps.

Date: 2018 Dates TBA

Location: Geelong

Arrange your own Small Group Smartphone Photography Workshop - Geelong and Melbourne

Taking WOW photos on your phone is so much more than just tapping the screen. Learn the techniques, tips and our recommended photo editing apps. Our exclusive mobile photography workshops are fun, relaxed and jargon-free. There is no need for complicated technical stuff.

Private group workshops are ideal for families, parties, team activities, mothers’ groups, etc.

Contact Mike to arrange your own date that works for you - weekday, weekend or evening.

Mobile Photography workshop in action at famous Melbourne laneways

You will experience:

  • Fun, relaxed, jargon-free group and one-on-one tuition
  • Practical, easy to understand tips
  • Passionate and qualified facilitator - Mike James, 'smartphone photo guy'

You will learn:

  • ­Quick camera phone specific tips and techniques
  • Identify how to create visual impact in your photos (aka WOW photos)
  • Use the best iPhone and Android photo capture and editing apps
  • Easily apply strategic photo enhancement on your mobile phone 

Minimum three people

Two-hour group workshops are currently priced at $100 per person

Three-hour group workshops are currently priced at $140 per person

One-On-One Sessions Available Online or In-Person

A one-on-one workshop is a great way to receive the most relevant information and guidance you need to get the most out of your smartphone. Learn the techniques specific to what you like to capture and the mobile photo editing apps that work best for you and your mobile device. 

A one-on-one session will accelerate your learning and have you capturing stunning images that no-one will believe you captured on your smartphone.  

If you want to get technical and really take your smartphone photography to the next level - a one-on-one workshop is perfect for you.

Perfect gift for a loved one - learn life long practical photography skills

Online smartphone photography training - suitabel for iPhone and android photography

Specific tips for exactly what you love to capture:

  • Friends, family and pets
  • Landscapes, seascapes and night time photos
  • Food, street or travel photography

You will learn:

  • ­Specific tips and techniques related to your smartphone device
  • Learn the basics to identify and prepare photo opportunities
  • How to make your photos stand out on social media
  • Photo editing apps and techniques to take your images to the next level

Two hour one-on-one sessions start at $200

Three-hour one-on-one sessions start at $280

If you have a business event/expo and believe smartphone photography can add value or simply want to provide a fun activity - contact Mike here

Workplace and continuing professional development training can be tailored to meet your capability gap and delivered on-site.

Prices start at $700. 

Contact Mike to discuss arranging your own workshop (minimum three persons), one-on-one workshop, workplace training or speaking engagement

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