What is the photography scholarship?

I am excited to announce a new photography scholarship initiative for 2021. Awarded to a single smartphone photo enthusiast in each program intake.

The scholarship covers the full investment of the Live 6-Week Program valued at $994 AUD.

This is a unique opportunity for Android or iPhone photographers to expand and refine their creativity and photography competence. The photography scholarship is need-based and intended for those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford to pay for the program.

Consideration will be given to the strength of the application statement and portfolio of photos submitted. Smartphone Photography Training offers a 6-week ‘VIP Smartphone Photography Transformation’ live and interactive through Zoom. This program focusses on camera secrets, photo intention, storytelling, composition, capturing tack-sharp photos, and basic to advanced mobile editing.

Deadline to submit an application: Wednesday 31st March 2021

The Scholarship recipient is required to have access to an Android or iPhone smartphone attend all sessions in the program to which they receive scholarship support and complete all session activities


Applicants must submit a portfolio of 10 photos, accompanied by your application statement (including contact details) describing why attending the LIVE Smartphone Photography Transformation would help reach your photography goals (250 words max).

Please send your application, via DropBox at this file request link.

Live 6-week smartphone photography transformation (2)

What is the 'Smartphone Photography Transformation: 6-Week Live Program?

Learn how to identify photo opportunities, your photo intention, smartphone camera secrets, how to set up the photo, capture techniques and basic to advanced photo editing.

Joining Mike each week for a 2-hour Zoom meeting, there is a structured program to follow. However, given the small numbers, the training will remain relevant and tailored to your interests.

Your photography transformation will have you confidently creating beautiful, powerful and engaging photos you did not think possible on your existing smartphone.

Week 1: Smartphone familiarisation & basic capture techniques

Week 2: Photographic intention and storytelling

Week 3: Photo composition stacking: 4-step system

Week 4: Capture tack-sharp photos

Week 5: Snapseed app photo editing

Week 6: Adobe Lightroom app photo editing


How is this different from other training?

This Live 6-week photography transformation program offers all the benefits of an online course and an in-person workshop without the drawbacks and many, many extra benefits.

  • Participate in the Live sessions on any device to stay motivated, keep learning and progress
  • The program content is suitable to advance your photography on any Android smartphone, iPhone or tablet
  • Learn easy to follow frameworks to each stage of setting up, capturing and editing photos
  • Understand the why and when behind techniques and editing tools instead of just the 'how'
  • Support and direct feedback during the program
  • Social learning as a small, intimate group studying at the same time
  • Content of the program is dynamic and can be related specifically to your experiences and interests
  • Access to the Live recordings if you cannot make it to the session is available via a viewing link for up to 2 weeks after the session
  • You get direct access to myself, a leading authority on smartphone photography backed by 25-years of working in photography. I know I don't look that old!

In a nutshell, this program directs, supports and empowers you to achieve faster results in less time!


What is included?

6-Week Online Delivery - Smartphone Photography Transformation ($3,600 delivery value)

Bonus One: Printable PDF of Small Business Guide to Smartphone Photography ($800 value)

Bonus Two: Video course - Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System ($597 delivery value)

Bonus Three: Lens Attachment Guide PDF and Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System PDF ($98 value)

Bonus Four: Closed Facebook group. Photo themes and Live tutorials ($199 value - priceless!)

Bonus Five: 15% discount off the entire Struman Optics lens range (up to $302 value)

Bonus Six: Access to the 14-day photo creativity challenge - in-person equivalent value to deliver ($398 value)

The total value of $5,994. Currently, the program investment is 80% off that value at $994 AUD ($770 USD)

Learn more about the 6-Week Smartphone Photography Program - click/tap here