Struman Optics macro, wide, fisheye and telephoto lens kit for any smartphone or tablet

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'What lens kit do you recommend?' - the number one question I am asked when delivering smartphone photography workshops and workplace training.

The answer is Struman Optics. They are the best value for money, providing a high quality clamp system for any smartphone. If you have an LG, Huawei, Sony - you too can experience an awesome lens kit, that extends the capability of your mobile device. Here are some of the features:

  • Lens screws into a high-tensile strength clamp to fit almost any smartphone
  • Slim base plates available for iPhone and Samsung smartphone
  • Lens kit arrives in a convenient protective travel case
  • New phone - no need to buy another lens
  • Hold the smartphone closer to the subject
  • Minimal chromatic aberration
  • No app required
Clip on Lens Kit for iPhone and Android Smartphone Phone and Tablet - Struman Optics

Macro Lens

Capture all the details in those stunning closeup images

Perfect for accurate record and investigation photography

Wide Angle Lens

Turn your selfie into a groupie and get everyone in the shot

Perfect for real estate photography - capture the whole room 

Fish Eye Lens

Capture everything in a 180 degree immersive photo

Create interesting images - perfect for social media photos 

Telephoto Lens

Capture those distant subjects without digital zooming

Amazing 14 X optical magnification and manual focus

ProSeries Photo Extension Kit

Not sure which lens you need?

This best value kit includes the Fish Eye, Wide and Macro lens in a travel pouch

Check out my macro photography article to get the most out of your macro lens attachment