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Struman Optics - Better Mobile Photos

Congratulations on your purchase at Struman Optics

Free Smartphone Photography Course

Congratulations on your purchase at Struman Optics

Free Smartphone Photography Course

Now that you have the tools - time to start creating WOW photos 

Introduction video

  • Jargon-free, easy to  follow techniques and tips
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  • Available to download video or audio to learn offline

Topics covered in this video series:

Video One

Phone camera techniques & tips

Suitable for Android & iOS smartphone

Duration 5 minutes 

Video Two

How can I create a WOW photo?

How do I become more creative?

Duration 7 minutes 

Video Three

How do I structure & set up a photo

What are those gridlines used for?

Duration 6 minutes 

Video Four

Lighting - what to look for & avoid

Benefits of shooting in black & white

Duration 7 minutes 

Video Five

The importance of capturing video

Quick video techniques & tips

Duration 6 minutes 

About Mike James - the 'Smartphone Photo Guy'

Mike James has combined 20 years of experience in photography and mentoring to become a sought after smartphone photography training specialist. Android and iPhone camera technology, combined with Mikes’ practical techniques, tips and recommended apps have made smartphone photography a viable and convenient alternative to the DSLR. He is on a mission to help you become photography literate – without the jargon and technical stuff you don't need.

That's why you have this free smartphone photography course - to enable you to become confident and creative, capturing, creating and sharing the best possible photos in both your personal and professional life.

Mike James the 'Mobile Photo Guy' owner of Better Mobile Photos

Why You Will Love this Course:

 Stephanie Beitzel 

"Before this course, I was unaware of all the super-easy - but super-smart things - I had at my fingertips, for taking great photos on my phone.  I now have all I need to start experimenting and improving my mobile photo form.  I am sending everyone I know to Mike!!"

Melbourne Smartphone photography workshop
 Cheryle Abbey Matthew  

"Just binge watched them Mike... Well planned, everything flowed, simple and easy to understand. You speak in a clear friendly manner and I liked the summary at the end of each video. I certainly learned things.. right from the beginning. Oops I've never cleaned my lens."

 Carole Walker   

Really loved this course, the videos are quick and easy to watch, which I think is important. I also like that the information was kept simple. I picked up a few tips too, like the grid lines, which I've now turned on. I love the fact that my mobile phone camera can help me take great photos. Highly Recommended

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