Recommended smartphone photography accessories list

Is your Android or iPhone the only camera you own? Get the most out of your smartphone photography by using these accessories. Lens - Lighting - Holders - Batteries.


Below are some awesome gift ideas for yourself - if someone is asking!

Smartphone and Tablet Holders

Arkon offer a full range of mobile mounting, stand and tripod solutions for smartphone, tablet and cameras. If you cannot find the ideal mount at Arkon – it does not exist!

Joby Gorillapod 1K Kit with Ballhead is my favourite table top tripod. The flexible legs are covered in rubber grips top securely wrap around objects and ensure a non-slip footing.

I have searched, trialled and searched again for a quality universal lens attachment accessory that I could exclusively support. 

Struman Optics can be screwed into a metal threaded quality clamp that attaches to almost any Smartphone or Tablet. Selected models have a low profile snap-on back cover, precisely aligning the lens. Access my free Smartphone Photography course with any Struman Optics purchase.

Struman Optics Macro Lens attachment

  • Struman Optics have a ‘HD Macro’ lens that can be attached to any smartphone using their universal quality clamp. This stands for High Detail - not high definition!

Struman Optics Photo Extension Kit

  • There are a few lens options in the Struman Optics range. This kit is the most practical and cost effective purchase. I have the low-profile wide angle permanently attached to Samsung S8. If I want a macro shot - simply unscrew the first lens to reveal a second macro underneith

Portable Constant Lighting

Lights are not typically found on a photography accessories list. Natural light is always best. However, when you need to introduce light - a constant light source is much more versatile to use than an off-camera flash system.

These beauties run on batteries making them truly portable. I personally, have a preference for a light system that has a diffuser of some sort - meaning you avoid those dots of lights hitting your subject. The smaller, most versatile Neewer LED light also has slots to slide in colour filters and gels, making it a perfect fit for the smartphone accessories list.

Ring Lighting for Live Broadcasting (Selfies)

These lights are a little less portable and require a bit more of a setup and experimenting. If you are setting these up in a DIY studio - have your smartphone camera mirrored or tethered to a TV screen to gauge the right distance. Additionally, have a patient assistant stand where you would stand to see how differently the light falls off their face as you move these lights around.

Portable battery charger

  • Two options – the Mophie Juice Pack that is an extra battery in your iPhone case, or a generic portable battery to charge and leave in your bag for that time when you run out of batter

Bluetooth remote shutter

  • Every smartphone photography accessories list needs to have a remote shutter release.
  • You can also remotely activate the camera by using some smart watches - or simply use the timer built into the phone camera.


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