Struman 14x optical prime zoom lens with mini tripod & smartphone holder



Want extra zoom out of your iPhone or Android smartphone?

We all know that pinching and zooming on the smartphone screen is digital zoom and it degrades the image quality. This lens is not a zoom lens you may be more familiar with – it is a fixed prime lens at 14 X the distance that you normally see when you lift your mobile phone to take a photo.

When smartphones hit the market with the dual lens; one being a 2 X tele photo lens – it opened up so many more opportunities. We could capture portraits further back and avoid that wide angle lens distortion and we could simply get in closer. This was a major step forward forward. Imagine what you can achieve with a 14 X lens!

Like all smartphone lens attachments, this zoom lens does not have any optical stabilisation. Therefore, the lens comes complete with a mini smartphone stand and clip for stability.



This lens is ideal for:

  • Travel photography
  • Portrait photos at a distacne
  • Sporting events
  • Wildlife photography – at the zoo!


When this zoom lens is attached, simply tap the screen to focus – then twist the end of the lens to fine tune the focus. It couldn’t be easier to just clip and snap the most distant objects.


If you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone – then I recommend purchasing the back plate to perfectly align the lens.


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