Struman Optics Premium lens attachment backplate case


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If like me, you want the most convenience out of your photography gear – then the optional Struman Optics lens attachment backplate is a must. Available on selected iPhone and Samsung models – this cover will align the lens attachment with your phone rear lens. Quick and hassle-free – no fiddling around with the supplied clamp.

This lens attachment backplate is perfectly moulded and is installed by press-fitting them in place.

Click on your phone model to see the actual backplate / case.

This is the listing for the black backplate/case. See also which phone models are available in the premium black and wood grain finish!

Black is always the preference for photography equipment manufacturers because, in some scenarios, it minimises reflection from the camera itself.

Note: These cases do not offer any protection to the phone – just a more convenient way of attaching the lens to your phone. My smartphones live in these cases with the wide/macro lens from the ProSeries kit connected full time.

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