Struman Optics high detail close up 2.8X macro lens attachment

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Have people saying ‘You shot that on your mobile phone?’

Discover a new world around you, in much more intimate detail – using this macro lens on any mobile device!

  • Capture the tiniest of details on a grand scale
  • Very small lens profile (sits low on the phone)
  • Capture minute details that your eye cannot see
  • Capture stunning details in flower and insects in unparalleled  clarity
  • Perfect for capturing nature, medical, insurance and engineering photos
  • Examine coins, jewellery, skin! or simply catch the beautiful flower in bloom

Struman Optics HD Macro lens attachment - example images

There are a lot of cheap options available for a macro lens – however, very few will capture the level of detail of this lens. Read the tutorial on ‘close up macro photography on your smartphone‘ using this HD Macro lens

The genre of macro photography is my favourite. It forces you to slow down and be attentive to photo opportunities within the normal everyday scene.

Capturing sharp, close up photography on your iPhone or Android smartphone can also be serious business for entomologist recording insects and primary producers sharing details of pests and plant disease. Other Industries can also benefit from close up macro photography on the smartphone are: forensic, clinical, dental and medical. Even small business owners showcasing their produced goods, including jewellery and manufactures of small components and parts.



The lens includes a high-quality clamp system. It can attach this lens to almost any smartphone and tablet! Struman Optics also have a backing plate for selected iPhone and Samsung models to ensure a quick a hassle-free lens alignment. The universal clamp may be fitted over a phone cover. Thick covers will introduce vignetting (black corners). Simply zoom in a little or crop the image to remove the outer corners of the image.


Other features:

  • Lens screws into a high-tensile strength clamp to fit almost any smartphone
  • Recessed lens to minimise the chance of any accidental scratch
  • Slim base plates available for iPhone and Samsung smartphone
  • Detailed instructions and cleaning cloth also included
  • Lens has a front and rear cap
  • No need to buy another lens when you upgrade phones
  • No app or learning or special skills required
  • Awesome for video too!

If you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone – then I recommend purchasing the optional backplate to perfectly align the lens.

$67 course in every purchase included as a FREE video series

Video 1: Camera features explained and basic camera tips

Video 2: Principles – intention, compositional structure and lighting

Video 3: Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image iPhone or Android

Video 4: My favourite accessories available on the website – when and how to use them

Video 5: Flower image – combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course


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