Struman Optics Cinematic wide-angle smartphone lens attachment

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Accurately capture more in your photo – without any lens distortion

If you are leaving your big camera at home more and more – you will not be missing out on the quality with this lens. You can often identify photos taken on a phone, because of the distortion and warping. That is non-existent in this lens, accurately capturing exactly what is in front of you – in stunning, sharp detail from edge to edge.

This lens is really for the passionate photo enthusiast like yourself for landscapes, seascapes, street and travel photography. If like me, you get frustrated with the phones fixed lens and not being able to fit everyone in a group photo or the entire room indoors – this lens is for you.

A wide-angle lens is so important for capturing everything that is important to the narrative of the scene, the story, the message – in the one-shot. This perspective is closer to what your eye sees – making it more precious for recording those personal memories that you want to remember as they were.

The universal clamp is transferrable to any smartphone or tablet, making it future proof for any phone you buy – even over most cases to prevent a compromise on phone protection. The clamp can also be freely aligned with the front camera to capture more of the background behind you in your travel photos

This is the lens I recommend for landscape photographers and anyone who needs to capture indoor photography – interior decorators, property managers, architectural. The extra size of this lens provides no distortion; typically evident in warped bending walls in interior photos.

The Struman Optics cinematic wide-angle lens – like all in the lens attachment range, has macro built-in. This allows you to hold your smartphone twice as close to the subject and still achieve autofocus.

The lens includes a high-quality clamp system. It can attach this wide-angle lens to almost any smartphone and tablet! Struman Optics also has an optional back cover for selected iPhone and Samsung models to ensure a quick a hassle-free lens alignment.


Other features:

  • Lens screws into a high-tensile strength clamp to fit almost any smartphone
  • Slim base plates available for iPhone and Samsung smartphone
  • Cleaning cloth included
  • Lens coating that minimises light leaks and chromatic aberration
  • Lens has a front and rear cap
  • No need to buy another lens when you upgrade phones
  • No app or learning or special skills required
  • Awesome for video too!

Note: The universal clamp may be fitted over a phone cover. Thick covers will introduce vignetting (black corners). Simply zoom in a little or crop the image to remove the outer corners of the image.


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