Struman Optics Cinematic macro lens – perfect for flower and insect photography

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Love capturing flower photos on your iPhone or Android smartphone?

Me too!  This macro lens is one of my favourite lens attachments by Struman Optics and one they created after consulting our community – you! The focus ring was a special request by me to experiment with the advanced technique of focus stacking!

Hold your phone closer to the subject

We all know that you can only your smartphone a minimal distance from your subject before the autofocus stops working. It is really frustrating and you end up digital zooming, resulting in degraded image resolution.

Better resolution and sharper images

Yes, some smartphones have a 2X lens option to get in closer for extra details. This lens is still optical, which is amazing. However, the second lens on most smartphones has a separate smaller sensor. This lens is placed over your main best quality lens.

This macro lens does not have magnification. If you want a macro lens to get in close and magnify the subject – this lens is for you. 

The benefit of the Cinematic macro lens is the larger lens provides you edge-to-edge sharpness.

Universal clamp

I do recommend checking for your smartphone model in the backplate range to perfectly align the lens. If your model is not available, each lens includes a universal clamp.

Backplate range – here  Premium backplate range (more models) – here

Struman Optics Cinematic Macro lens attachment accessories - smartphone photography training


  • Multi-layer crystal nano-coating
  • Aperture: f1.8
  • Material: aerospace aluminium
  • Magnification: 1x (focal length equal to 22-82mm)
  • Angle 53°
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 31.10mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 28mm

Quick technique tip:

This lens has a manual focus ring. In my experience using this lens, I find it helpful to rotate the focus ring halfway between the two ends of the adjustment range. Then rely on the auto-focus of your smartphone. So, why have the manual focus? If you have your smartphone on a tripod, you can lock the focus, zoom in and precisely adjust the focus. The other benefit is an advanced macro technique of focus stacking.

If you have a dual-lens camera, you will be limited to zooming in just enough before the camera switches over to the telephoto lens – which is obscured by this lens attachment.

$67 course in every purchase included as a FREE video series

Video 1: Camera features explained and basic camera tips

Video 2: Principles – intention, compositional structure and lighting

Video 3: Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image iPhone or Android

Video 4: My favourite accessories available on the website – when and how to use them

Video 5: Flower image – combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course

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