Sirui TSH-01B video conferencing tripod – selfie stick – Plus size phone


  • Perfect for video conferencing and tripod photography
  • Phone holder to fit standard and plus size phones
  • Removable phone holder attaches to any head with 1/4″ screw
  • Easily used as a table top tripod or a selfie stick
  • The mini clamp has a 1/4″ screw on the variable position ball head and can clamp on to anything with a diameter between 16mm-28mm.  Perfect for clamping an accessory onto a tripod leg or the handlebars of your bicycle

Post to Australia ONLY

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The Sirui TSH-01B video conferencing tripod – table top kit allows you to hold your smartphone camera in many unique ways – including as a selfie stick. High quality materials and versatility, the TSH-01B is a versatile tripod accessory for any genre of iPhone and Android camera photography.

The included phone holder fits the standard and Plus sized phones and can be removed to reveal the standard 1/4″ screw.

Weighs 225 grams and has a load capacity of 300 grams.

Dimensions: Sections: 3 Max Diameter: 15mm Min Diameter: 9.4mm Max Height: 430mm Min Height: 170mm


Need some extra height – the Sunwayfoto ET-01 carbon fibre tripod extension (supplied separately) can add 30.6cm

Post to Australia ONLY


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