Struman Optics Cinematic portrait lens – 2 X zoom for portrait landscape street photography

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Want extra zoom out of your iPhone or Android smartphone?

This portrait lens is one of my favourite lens attachments by Struman Optics and one they created after consulting our community – you!

We all know that pinching and zooming to digital zoom degrades the image quality. This 2X magnification zoom portrait lens is the same as the second telephoto lens on most modern dual-camera smartphones. This lens also works perfectly on dual-lens cameras. I recommend the backing plate below to ensure this lens fits nicely over the correct lens (the wide-angle).

Like all Struman Optics lenses sold here, the metal clamp is included. And….. you get a travel case and the cleaning cloth!

Why is this 2X portrait lens called a portrait lens?

So glad you asked (insert tongue in cheek emoji). Have you noticed that the built-in wide-angle lens on all smartphones actually make your ears look smaller and pushed around your head and your nose positioned closer to the lens looks larger? This lens corrects that distortion. Taking the photo from a little further back will capture much more accurate and aesthetically pleasing portrait images.

When was the last time you said ‘the photo doesn’t do it justice’ 

One of the reasons is the perspective of your smartphones inbuilt wide-angle lens. Remember raising your phone to capture that stunning sunset and being disappointed to see a distant dot on the horizon. This lens brings everything back to the same perspective of what your eyes see.


Where else does this lens help?

Like all the Struman Optics lenses, this quality built attachment extends the capability of your existing smartphone camera.

This lens is ideal for:

  • Travel photography – capture activity from further away
  • Landscapes – bring the horizon closer and create lovely depth to your images
  • Portrait photos at a distance – great for more candid captures and those special uninterrupted moments
  • Sporting events – this includes your child’s sporting activity. You can actually get a really decent shot from the sidelines
  • Wildlife photography – at the zoo! Any further away and I would suggest the 14X or 21X lens for a more distant static subject


QUICK TIP:  If you have a dual-lens camera, you will be limited to zooming in just enough before the camera switches over to the telephoto lens – which is obscured by this lens attachment. On the iPhone, you can zoom in to 1.9X before the second lens kicks in to provide approximately double 3.8X optical magnification (no digital zoom).

If you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone – then I recommend purchasing the backplate to perfectly align the lens.

Compare phone lens attachments - zoom and field of view tested at a golf driving range!

$67 course in every purchase included as a FREE video series

Video 1: Camera features explained and basic camera tips

Video 2: Principles – intention, compositional structure and lighting

Video 3: Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image iPhone or Android

Video 4: My favourite accessories available on the website – when and how to use them

Video 5: Flower image – combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course

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