Manfrotto PIXI Smart mini tripod with universal smartphone clip


  • Smartphone clamp with 1/4 thread attachment included
  • Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
  • Push-button locking mechanism for easy lock/unlock
  • Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry

**This is an affiliate link earning me a small commission. It is the same price as googling Moment and searching for the class.



We love its size because it fits in most backpacks. Also, this guy is super multifunctional – you can screw the smartphone clamp off and use the tripod for any small mirrorless camera – really anything that has the ¼”-20 screw – even a small light!

PIXI Smart is the perfect choice for your smartphone photography needs – the photo enthusiast and vlogger. Hold it in your hand as a comfortable ergonomic grip or place it on any surface and pop out the legs in tripod mode. Quickly press the red button to unlock/lock the built-in ball head and adjust your smartphone to the desired angle.

The PIXI black includes a universal smartphone clamp, with multiple ¼” thread attachments, which enables its use with most of the smartphones currently on the market, ensuring great flexibility and ease of use in any type of circumstance (light, microphone).

The PIXI Smart is made of stainless steel and Adapto to guarantee top quality and a tactile finish. Its solid construction is a secure base and a comfortable handle for every situation.

$67 course in every purchase included as a FREE video series

Video 1: Camera features explained and basic camera tips

Video 2: Principles – intention, compositional structure and lighting

Video 3: Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image iPhone or Android

Video 4: My favourite accessories available on the website – when and how to use them

Video 5: Flower image – combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course

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