Struman Optics Ultimate macro lens bundle – 3 x lenses, tripod and remote

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Love macro photography on your iPhone or Android smartphone?

Me too!  This ultimate macro lens bundle has everything you need to capture any macro scenario you need.

Once you get familiar with the macro lens options at Struman Optics, it becomes difficult to choose base on what type of macro image you like to capture. Hence why I created this buying guide (quick access here) to help you understand the differences. If like me you like to experiment and enjoy all types of macro, why not pick up all the lenses in this Struman Optics macro lens bundle?

Save over 15% ($115) on original prices in this bundle

     2020 guide Smartphone Macro Lenses Struman Optics Comparison

Cinematic macro lens – the world-first manual focus ring

$229 – $199

The depth of field of 10mm is forgiving making it perfect for flowers and moving subjects such as insects.

The lens field of view of 53° produces no perspective distortion.

If a creamy background and lovely ‘real’ bokeh effects – this is the lens for you.

Cinematic wide-angle lens with macro builtin

$299 – $249

This is a combination of wide-angle and macro without compromise on image quality and still be one of the best on the market.

This lens can be used as a normal lens without having to be within a certain distance and give you the flexibility to be as close as 1cm! You do not need to be within 8cm to use this lens. It is an extremely versatile lens that extends the capability of your existing smartphone camera.

High definition 2.8x macro lens

$149 – $129

If you want incredible detail this is the lens. Edge to edge sharpness is missing on other brand lenses that have more magnification.

The 2mm depth of field makes it perfect for flat subjects. Subjects with more depth than 2mm will be out of focus in front and behind the subject. This could be just the creative effect you want. If you are experimenting with focus-stacking technique, this is a great lens to get in there super close.

This is the lens is perfect for controlled magnified WOW shots on a  tripod.

Struman Optics Cinematic Macro lens attachment accessories - smartphone photography training

Mini tripod and smartphone holder

$19 – $15

As mentioned above, stabilsing your smartphone can be critical for some macro photos. Imagine using the High Definition macro lens that captures 2mm in focus and your hand is moving 2mm – you will not achieve an in-focus photo! A mini tripod like this one is perfect for those composed captures where you can control every element of the photo.

Smartphone case for perfect lens alignment

$49.95 – $40.95

Having the perfect alignment of the lens of your smartphone and the lens attachment is necessary to achieve sharp focus and avoid vignetting (dark corners). Smartphone models include iPhone, most Samsung and Huawei handsets. Check for your smartphone model here.

Bluetooth shutter remote control

$19 – $15

This device helps you take steadier and sharper pictures and videos by avoiding shakes and vibration when holding your device.

Save over 15% ($115) on original prices in this bundle

Struman Optics Macro lens attachment accessories - smartphone photography training

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Video 5: Flower image – combining most of the considerations, techniques and tips covered in the course

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