iPhone photography: Learn to shoot like a pro with Sam Elkins | Moment class


How to shoot pro-level photos with your iPhone

  • How to read the light for better phone photos
  • How to shoot in the harsh light
  • How to compose amazing portraits
  • Essential apps for amazing mobile photography
  • How to shoot beautiful landscapes
  • How to edit phone photos on mobile

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Since he was 17 (he’s older now), Sam has been blowing our minds with his photography. Now he wants to teach you how to take professional-level photos with just your iPhone. From captivating portraits to beautifully composed landscapes, Sam will share his techniques for capturing photos good enough to get professional work.

Intro to iPhone photography


Welcome! Let’s get started. We’re in Central California, which will serve as our backdrop for all our shots: portrait, lifestyle, landscapes, and shooting in harsh light. First, though, you’ll meet Sam and learn why he loves photography on his iPhone.

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iPhone walkthrough


A major component to great photos is understanding your gear. This section dives into the technical aspects of apps and gear for shooting. First, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your native camera app, then Sam will show you the manual controls available in the Moment Pro Camera app. You’ll also learn what gear Sam uses to shoot on his phone and why.

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Shooting in the harsh light


You hear a lot about the golden hour, but what about high noon? Sam walks us through why shooting in harsh light looks better on a phone than a DSLR. Some of the topics in this section include: how to read the light, how to embrace harsh shadows, and how to direct and pose a model in these specific lighting conditions.

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Shooting landscapes


The camera that fits in your pocket packs a punch when it comes to capturing stunning landscapes. Sam will walk you through the best focal lengths for specific phones, how to compose a landscape on your phone, and tips for reading the light for landscape photography.

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Essential apps


When shooting on mobile, stepping your app game up is essential. Sam will run through the best apps for editing, location scouting and reframing your final images. He’ll cover the best apps for mobile editing as well as best apps for posting to social media.

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Shooting portraits


Most often, you’ll be capturing photos of people. This section goes into the best practices for capturing beautiful portraits. Sam will cover how to get the most out of portrait mode and how to read the light for photos. You’ll also learn how to direct and pose a male model and how to best capture flattering portraits

Shooting lifestyle


Join us on the sand in Pismo Beach where Sam takes a commercial approach to shooting on his phone. Sam will take you through his process from beginning to end, including how to capture a story through imagery, how to compose lifestyle portraits, how to subframe an image, and most importantly, his dos and don’ts for directing.

8 Mobile Editing 00 14 16 12 Still001

Mobile editing


Now that the shoot is over, Sam is ready to show you how he edits. Using three of his favourite images from the trip as examples, he’ll walk you through Lightroom CC and VSCO so you can learn to edit how he edits. Some of the topics covered include learning the tone curve and why HSL is important.



Wow. What a ride. We summarize the techniques taught and how you can apply them to your iPhone photography. Thanks for watching, now go do…

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Meet your instructor

Hey, I’m Sam (@samuelelkins). Born and raised just outside of Seattle, I have always had an appreciation for nature. I am currently based out of Los Angeles, California as a portrait & commercial photographer. I have honed in on nature as a source of inspiration, and have fine-tuned my style by seeking out nature within urban areas, in order to create a sense of nostalgia. Over the past several years, I have been fortunate enough to work with clients such as Garmin, Volvo, Land Rover, and Uber.


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