How to shoot for brands —Jump-start your photo business | Moment class


The only difference between a hobbyist photographer and a professional is getting paid for your work. This lesson aims to give you the knowledge of how to work with brands, plan and execute branded shoots, as well as loads of extras that will help you get started in landing your first client.

Learn to land your first client

  • Plan a shoot for a brand
  • Think like a brand and deliver images they’ll love
  • Direct poses that feel natural to the brand
  • Edit branded images

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What You’ll Learn

Breaking into the world of commercial photography can feel intimidating. Joel is going to walk you through everything he’s learned from working and shooting for brands: from pitching to your client to editing and delivering the best images. You’ll also get a behind-the-lens look at how he poses talent with a product and finds the best available light, no matter the weather.

Intro to Shooting for Brands


Let’s get this thing started! We’re in Norway shooting for Snow Peak, a premiere outdoor brand originating from Japan. You’ll get to know Joel and learn a bit about Snow Peak as he dives into the topic of shooting for brands.

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Finding Work | How Joel Got His First Client


If you to shoot professionally then you need to find work. Joel breaks down what’s worked for him and how he landed his first client. He also dives into contracts, why they are essential, and why they shouldn’t be scary. Most importantly, he’ll cover how to land clients even without a robust body of commercial work.

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Planning Your Shoot


Planning and proper preparation can make or break a shoot for a brand. Joel runs through what gear he uses and how he plans for a shoot. He’ll cover how to communicate with brands, the importance of understanding a brand’s existing style, how to build shot lists, make mood boards, and find talent to ensure you capture all deliverables.

Shooting Outdoor Lifestyle | Snow Peak


In our first shooting section, Joel takes us to the mountains of Norway where he’s looking to capture inspirational hero images for Snow Peak. This segment covers posing your subject with a product, locations, and what makes a hero image.

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Shooting Interiors | Snow Peak


For our second shooting section, get a behind the lens look at Joel’s process for capturing beautiful interiors and brand detail shots. He’ll dive deeper into posing, how to find interesting light, and compelling texture as well as bracketing.

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Editing for a Brand


Now that we have our selects, let’s look at how Joel colour corrects. When editing for a brand, the product comes first. In this segment, you’ll learn how to make the product pop, how to refine your image to fit the brand, how to highlight features and direct the viewer’s attention, and lastly, how to create a unique look to your images without distorting the natural colour.

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BONUS – Delivering Your Photos


The crew is long gone, but what good is taking incredible photos if you’re not sure how to deliver them? You’ll learn Joel’s tips for delivering your work to a client, how to organize your assets to tell a story and his process for choosing the best images.



Finally, Joel will review what you’ve learned and how you can start shooting for the brands you love. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to download the presets and extras!

Class Extras

Get more out of the lesson with Joel’s Contract, Pitch Deck, and Partnership Deck, 5 Photo Presets, and his 5 Tips PDF.

Joel Extra 1

3 Downloadable Templates

Get a head start on the practical side of commercial photography. This shoot for brands lesson includes three downloadable templates Joel uses when working with brands—Contract Template, a Pitch Deck Template, and a Partnership Deck.

5 Photo Presets

Need some guidance or a fresh take on your editing style? Apply the editing techniques Joel shares in the lesson with five of his stunning custom Lightroom presets.

Joel Extra 3

Meet Your Instructor

Joel is a lifestyle photographer based in Hamar, Norway with an extensive professional background in content and digital marketing. By consistently creating fresh personal work, Joel tells captivating stories through his lens, crafts epic adventures and has fun as much as possible outside of city lights. His focus in photography is documenting stories, people and places raw and unfiltered.


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