Filmmaker Workshop: Learn techniques from 5 pros. Plus Live Q&A. | Moment class


Reserve your spot and join us on June 26th for the Online Filmmaker Workshop. Learn from the comfort of your home from five different pro filmmakers. They teach you their techniques, in the field, and host Live Q&A sessions so you can ask all the questions you want. Plus you get access to re-watch the workshop anytime you want.

  • 5 pro filmmakers
  • 8 hours of learning
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Access the workshop anytime you want

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Filmmaker Workshop- Learn techniques from 5 pros


5 Pros share their techniques in this filmmaker workshop

Session 1 – Pre-Production by Jack Coyne
Session 2 – Lightning by Spenser Sakurai
Session 3 – Shooting by Lizzie Pierce
Session 4 – Sound by Patrick Tomasso
Session 5 – Editing and colour grading by Frederick van Strydonck

5 hours of learning
2 hours of Live Q&A
1 hour of connecting

  • A 120-minute lesson you can watch any time
  • Link to download all the Raw footage to practice editing
  • Save 10% in the Moment Shop

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Pre-production with Jack Coyne

1/5 (90:00)

You’ll learn how to plan the shoot, what gear to bring, pick locations, select talent, and build a production plan. It sounds boring, but this is the secret sauce to making your video project successful. Building a production plan. Gear and what to bring. Scouting locations and picking talent. Useful apps, tips, and tools in this filmmaker workshop.

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Lighting with Spenser Sakurai

2/5 90:00)

Learn the techniques for adding and controlling light. We’ll take you through different types of scenes, showing you how to make your lighting consistent. Best lighting gear & practices. Lighting for an interview. Lighting for YouTube videos. Lighting for a film set. Dealing with variable lighting.

5e35aec2a3d85ba8d3182027 miff2020 workshop learn shooting

Shooting with Lizzie Pierce

3/5 (90:00)

The camera goodness, you’ll learn new moves and specific techniques for capturing better footage in this filmmaker workshop. We’ll run through equipment, composition, and motion. Plus cover lots of small, must-know tips. Camera movements. Shooting techniques. Gear like tripods and gimbals. Focal lengths. Shot composition.

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Sound with Patrick Tomasso

4/5 (90:00)

Your film is only as good as your sound (or music). We’ll show you how to capture richer sound, select music, and make it all come together as one video. Whether you’re shooting a vlog or a film, we cover lots of pro-tips. Audio gear and what to use when. Music selection and song choice. Voiceovers. Sound design. Vlog vs. Cinematic styles.

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Editing & Color Grading with Frederick van Strydonck

5/5 (90:00)

Maybe the most important class of the filmmaker workshop you’ll learn lots of preferences on how to organize footage, lay up your project, cut your footage, and colour grade it. We leave plenty of time for Q&A. File organization and building out the edit. Best practices and hotkeys. Cutting your footage. Pacing your edit. Colour correcting vs colour grading.

Meet your filmmaker workshop instructors: