Edit like Andrew Kearns — Learn his classic, timeless look | Moment class


Learn how Andrew Kearns edits his photos to create his timeless, classic look. He teaches you how to edit without presets.

With this lesson you get…

  • 60-minute lesson you can watch anytime
  • PDF guide for how to shoot a model
  • PDF guide for shooting in Iceland
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Andrew Kearns will go through his workflow from photo selection to the specific tools he uses in Lightroom, teaching you how to edit your photos so they have a nostalgic, timeless look. There is so much more potential in your editing to create photos that are like a memory. Conveying the experience, your photos will feel real. After this lesson, you’ll go into your edits thinking more critically about what you want to accomplish. You’ll understand the basic tools, how they impact your image, and how to go faster without just using presets.




Let’s get the lesson started. We pick up from the trip to Iceland with Sonora to walk you through Andrew Kearns’ editing lesson. Here, we’ll intro you to the lesson and get started talking about his process for editing.

Segment 2

Selecting & Organizing


We’re going to jump into how Andrew Kearns organizes his photos before editing. We’ll talk about proper workflow, all to save you time down the road as you start editing images. He’ll also teach you how to use photo mechanics to quickly make selects, and the key items to look for in an image.


Segment 3

Efficient Lightroom Shortcuts


Andrew Kearns keeps it simple, but in order to go faster with a manual process, he teaches you his go-to shortcuts. He’ll provide a shortcut PDF at the end of the lesson so this takes you through his hot-keys as he uses them. In this segment, he’ll also go over how to set up your Lightroom, and everything you need to think through before the editing begins.


Segment 4

Understanding Andrew Kearns’ Perspective


I’ll take you through my style so you better understand my intent. Here, I’ll show you how to create photos that are warm, nostalgic, and feel like real experiences. You’ll get a walkthrough of the tones and colours I love, learn how to look introspectively at your own style, and learn how to understand what tones and colours you prefer.


Segment 5

Image Stitching | Editing a Landscape


Getting more technical, you’ll dive into how to stitch images together. It’s a way to combine images to get something better than what you started with. Andrew Kearns will also teach you how to master your tone curve, how to effectively use a graduated filter when to add haze to your image and walk through colour correcting a landscape image.


Segment 6

Editing a Portrait of Sonora


We look at portraits and how he prefers to edit them. Often his style is about adding warmth to make photos of people feel like a memory. In this segment, you’ll learn how to bring life to a moody portrait, how to work with and edit a dark portrait with heavy shadows, and how to effectively use radial filters on faces.


Segment 7

Editing for a Brand


Editing for a brand can be different than editing for yourself. Andrew Kearns explains the difference and how to edit if the photos are for someone other than yourself. He’ll walk you through editing a photograph highlighting props, using radial filters to highlight props, and bringing life to the image with warmth.


Segment 8



In this final segment, you’ll review what was learned in the lesson and he’ll give his closing thoughts. See you out there!

Meet Your Instructor

We love Andrew’s style. It’s warm, nostalgic and timeless. Whether its a landscape or a portrait, you feel invited to be a part of the photograph, as if it were your very own memory. The tones are rich, the highlights are milky, and colours are purposeful. Andrew Kearns loves to capture experiences, and his editing style encapsulates the rush of excitement that only spontaneity can bring.

Friends call me Kearns. I first discovered my passion and fascination with photography while spending ample amounts of time outside. It began with backyard explorations of Washington State — capturing moody Pacific Northwest landscapes and sharing them with Instagram.

A portrait of Andrew Kearns smiling at the camera, wearing an orange jacket and a black hat

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