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Have you ever thought to yourself – the photo doesn’t do it justice or you just want to get the most out of your iPhone camera? Then, this comprehensive eBook is for you.

Updated for 2019

Your iPhone didn’t arrive with a manual! This guide covers everything in there and a whole lot more you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you find yourself travelling more without your ‘big’ camera or want to be more confident capturing those precious moments and memories – there is so much more available to you, than just tapping the screen.

This 67-page eBook is for the photo enthusiast who loves photography and doesn’t want to learn all the technical stuff – guess what, you don’t need to!

Mike James, the ‘Smartphone Photo Guy’ walks you through all the features you have available; including many hidden ones! He explains the in-built photo editor (Photos), share his favourite apps, accessories and techniques on how to capture tack sharp images and those difficult low light images.

  • Discover all the hidden features
  • Common features explained
  • Third-party camera replacement apps
  • Low light photography techniques
  • Achieving the perfect sharp focus
  • Edit photos using the Photos app
  • Third-party photo editing apps
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Top ten iPhone photography tips
  • What’s next to improve your photography

What’s Inside?

Get more out of your iPhone and iPad camera - techniques, tips and apps


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Inside look at eBook - Get more out of your iPhone & iPad camera - 2019