Struman Optics Circular Polariser Filter ( aka CPL ) to fit the Portrait or Wide-Angle lens

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The Struman Optics circular polariser filter ( aka CPL ) is an essential accessory for landscapes, seascapes and generally any outdoor photography. The polariser filter will even improve your food photography – removing reflections, creating maximum clarity of details on the plate!

This lens filter will have you feeling like you are cheating! Add more ‘Pop” to your images – more clarity, deep natural colours and saturation.

The circular polariser filter can be attached to the Struman Optics Cinematic wide-angle lens or Struman Optics Cinematic portrait lens (purchased after June 2019) via the included screw-in adaptor. This also means any other 55mm lens can also be attached to the front of your smartphone!

Learn how the Circular Polarizer Filter CPL works in this article: ‘Using a circular polarising filter CPL in your smartphone photography’

How do you use it?

  1. Attach it to your Cinematic portrait or wide-angle lens purchased after June 2019 via the included adaptor.
  2. Twist the circular polariser filter at the front and watch the changes in the image on the smartphone. It only takes a little back and forth twisting motion to find the desired optimum results.

Why do you need one?

  • Reduces haze – made up of particles in the air that reflect light. The polarizer eliminates the haze
  • Reduces and recovers highlights – smartphone like all cameras captures a limited dynamic range of light. The first light the camera sacrifices is the bright sky. The circular polariser filter recovers these details and brings details back into the bright areas
  • Adds drama in clouds – darkening and bringing details in the clouds, adds drama to the imager
  • Captures more colour – sun glare is always white. This reflection produces muted colours. The filter captures deeper and more vibrant colour
  • Removes reflection – capture the scene under the reflective water surface, reduce reflective skin in portrait. Ever captured a travel photo from a tour bus and captured the reflection of the seat in front of you?

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