Listen to the Smartphone Photography Club podcast

I am very excited at the start of 2021 to introduce you to the brand new Smartphone Photography Club Podcast. As a mad podcast consumer myself, I have wanted to create one myself for over a year now!

Smartphones have made photography more accessible than ever. You are invited into the Smartphone Photography Club to be part of our education community. If you are a photo enthusiast wanting to become more creative and confident using your existing mobile device, this is the podcast for you.

Released twice a week, I will also regularly share a video version on Smartphone Photography Training YouTube channel to allow you to visually see what it is that I am waffling on about! I do often end up on tangents - I make no apologies. It is fun and I have a great time making the episodes.

Occasionally, I share my Lives inside the Smartphone Photography Club Facebook group as podcast episodes.

Welcome to the Smartphone Photography Club podcast

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