The situation you already know

As you are aware, the catastrophic Australian bushfires are ravaging across the country. The video and images are devastating to witness.

Almost 2000 homes lost, tens of thousands of people displaced, 5 million hectares (12.35 million acres) burned and over half a billion animals perished in this early start to the Australian bushfire season!

More tragically, 24 people have been killed, including 3 volunteer firefighters...

Australia relies heavily on thousands of volunteer firefighters in rural areas, where the ferocious bushfires are burning. Many of them have been on the frontline prior to Christmas.

Unlike other countries, Australia relies on a volunteer system. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, for instance, volunteers account for 89% of the workforce.

Two of many factors creating these apocalyptic fires have been severe weather conditions after one of the worst drought periods in decades. A recent heatwave in December broke the nationwide average temperature well above 40 degrees Celcius, only to beak it again the following day!
Live updates can be found here.
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Let's support our volunteers

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I can only imagine the range of stresses that Australian bushfire volunteers face.

They put their lives, their mental health and their family and work relationships on the line to help prepare and save our country from the bushfires.

There are also economic burdens for both volunteers and their employers, as well as strains on their family members.

How can we help?

If like me you're looking on in horror at the unfolding crisis, feeling helpless - there's a way we can both support the frontlines and those in need.

The one small way we can help together is 100% course sales: 'Strategically edit WOW images using Snapseed' over the next two weeks will be donated to the Victorian Country Fire Authority here. Other options to donate are listed below.

If you have been undecided in enrolling in one of the best smartphone photography courses (not at all biased), this is your chance to invest in yourself guilt-free

50% off the normal price - all profits donated through this special link here

If you have been undecided in enrolling in one of the best smartphone photography courses (not at all biased), this is your chance to invest in yourself guilt-free!

Already enrolled? You can gift the course using the link and supply their email address. Make sure you let them know they are helping too.

NOTE: This does not include the ongoing monthly Smartphone Photography Club membership. I want to partner with you to raise some money now.

About the online course

This course assumes no prior photography knowledge and is structured in a way to help you 'see' photographically and quickly transition from basic to more advanced photo editing techniques on your smartphone or iPad/tablet device.

Do you:

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  • The learning curve of subscription desktop editing programs
  • Over-editing images to the point that they look fake and unrealistic

Imagine knowing how to identify photographic opportunities, break down the elements of a scene, recognise the motivation and intention of the photo and then confidently edit that photo into an impactful WOW image... on your phone. 

The course is delivered in 6 modules. Each is jam-packed, with five lessons totalling 30 lessons throughout the course!

Most lessons include a video averaging 8 minutes. Each walks you through the why and when of the technique or tool before demonstrating how to use it. 

Not ready to start a course and want to make a smaller donation? Find links below to donate directly and free smartphone photography tutorials - here.

Cannot wait to work with you when you take up this offer to participate in the course at 50% off and contribute our little bit to help in the small way that we can.

Learn more about the 'Strategically edit WOW images using Snapseed' course - here.

Donate directly

If you want to make a smaller/larger donation or directly to another organisation supporting those affected by the Australian bushfires - you can donate through these options:


Victorian firefighters

Account Name: Country Fire Authority Public Fund
BSB: 063 225
Account: 1022 2326
Branch: Forest Hill - 23 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill Vic 3131

**This is where ALL profits raised through the sale of the course 'Strategically edit WOW images using Snapseed' will be made

For a specific brigade:

Account Name: CFA Brigades Donation Fund
BSB: 063 225
Account: 1022 0603
Branch: Forest Hill - 23 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill Vic 3131
Ref: Brigade name

NSW firefighters 

Details can be found - here

Local Communities

Thie Victorian Premier has urged people to stop donating food and clothes and donate money instead to the Bendigo Bank to the Bushfire Disaster Appeal here

Thank you

I am truly grateful and cannot express enough my thanks to all the amazing, brave firefighters and emergency services staff and volunteers. Thank you from myself and my family to your employers and most importantly your loved ones who support you.

Stay safe.

- Mike

We can support the Australian bushfire firefighters. All course sales over the next two weeks will be donated directly to the volunteers at the CFA

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