Rebrand: ‘Better Mobile Photos’ to become ‘Smartphone Photography Training’

Better Mobile Photos to become Smartphone Photography Training

Exciting start to 2018

In the next couple of months, I will be transitioning Better Mobile Photos to the new name Smartphone Photography Training.



The name is much more clear on what it is that I offer - Smartphone Photography Training! Better Mobile Photos was previously interpreted as a mobile phone retailer or a photographer who was mobile and took 'better' photos!



After consulting and running a poll in our amazing Facebook group - you guys directed the course of the rebrand. Other ideas of mine were too formal, vague and not really on brand with my presenting style or our community.

The process will take a bit of time and I thank you for your patience through the process.



Identify my business purpose, my brand and simplify the message - DONE

Seek feedback and direction from my community and audience- DONE

Register the business name and domain - DONE

Update social media accounts - Instagram and Facebook - DONE

Change website domain and all the links within (a little overwhelming!)

Update the website with a new refreshed look

Update all you wonderful followers, previous in-person workshop attendees

Update previous clients and business partners




Content Creation - more blogs, Facebook live broadcasts, eBook, online course and coaching program.

I cannot wait to more effectively share my passion for smartphone photography, helping photo enthusiasts and business owners like yourself - get more out of your smartphone camera and take advantage of amazing mobile photo editing apps.




I would love to know - Please contact myself Mike