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When Dutch Android mobile photographer Jeanine joined our Facebook community – I was instantly blown away by her flower photos captured on the Samsung. When I perused her Instagram account I was completely floored!

Photographing flowers can be quite technical and so tempting to over-edit. Jeanine has a well established style of using incredibly beautiful soft and moody lighting. The minimal, black background in these flower photos allow the vibrant and perfectly balanced colours to simply jump off the screen.

What is your story – why and how did you get into smartphone photography?

I started with the 100-day project on Instagram because I was not happy in my life that period and needed a positive focus. So I made a deal with myself to catch something small but beautiful every day and make a photo of that. (Indeed so I also found my insta name - catchthemoment_nl) My digital Sony camera was too heavy to carry around, so I bought a really good camera in the Samsung S6.

What is the best part of being a mobile photographer?

The best part of being a mobile photographer is that you always carry a camera with you. Even when it rains you can pop it out quickly. It's lightweight and makes really sharp photos.

What is your mobile device and favourite apps?

For the last two years I have been using my Samsung S7 Edge smartphone. I use three apps and most of the time, I do everything in Snapseed. It's magic what you can do with this app haha. I do most of my edits in Snapseed and use the other two apps for their filters. 

How would you describe your style?

I think they are small paintings. I always wanted to paint but what I want and what I see never becomes alive on canvas. When I am editing a photo it feels like I am painting. I always love the fall of the light and brightness in photos. That's what I try to catch when I shoot and edit the photo.

How do you find and decide your subjects and stories to photograph?

I always catch what's in front of me everyday. It started as a part of a photographing challenge but I still keep doing it. I have learned that there is always something to shoot a picture from.

What are your top three tips for creating your photos, rather than capturing a happy snap?

I enjoy the process of taking photos
I like challenges to learn more and more, so I joined several photo groups
It makes me happy to see the end result 

Do you have a typical capturing and editing process?

I want the subject to really be the main subject. I want vibrant colours; feel it's vibes and brightness. So I play with all the possibilities on Snapseed, till I have the right vibe which I like. I work a lot with the 'Brush' and 'Stacks'. 

Something you are still learning?

I learn every day. I follow different kinds of photo groups, where I pick up photo tips - especially also from Mike in the Smartphone Photography Training Community. I watch other photographers, who inspire me and experiment with photo apps to try something new.

What advice do you have for those just discovering their passion for smartphone photography?

Shoot and play and have fun. Make pictures you like. Not for the likes of others. Join photo groups it's fun, you stimulate each other and you learn a lot from each other.

Where can we see more of your amazing photos:
Instagram: catchthemoment_nl

Mike James hosts regular group workshops, workplace training and is a sought after speaker at photography clubs and social media training events. Get in touch with Mike here.

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