Steps to get the most out of your experience with Smartphone Photography Training

Your smartphone makes it easy to record those precious moments and share your story. You want to take it to the next level.

This guide is aimed at providing a 'Learning Path.'

Below are the steps to fast track your transition to be the photographer you want and deserve to be:

  1. $67 course now a FREE five-part video series
  2. Access to tutorials and stay up to date via email signup
  3. Enrol in the course: 'Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days'
  4. Apply to join our Facebook group, the Smartphone Photography Club - weekly photo themes. Simply provide the email at course enrollment or email signup

More details below...

1. $167 course now yours for FREE as a video series

2. Read your latest tutorials on smartphone photography techniques, tips and apps

Our articles help you discover and learn specific mobile photography techniques, be inspired by the images shared by our community members and their stories.

  • Photo enthusiast articles - techniques, creaivity and genre specific such as travel, landscape, etc
  • Photo composition and lighting to create aesthetically pleasing, intentional photos
  • Mobile photo editing - app reviews, techniques, editing workflows
  • Photos in business - what and how to capture
  • Mobile photographer interviews

3. Enrol in the course: 'Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days'

Do you lack direction in photo editing, apply the same edits or filters and want to be more strategic in your photo editing?

You have now found the shortcut to confidently and strategically edit your images and take your images and enjoyment of photography to the next level. 

This course leads you from beginner to more advanced techniques. It is broken down into 4 modules, delivered over 21 days. Bite-sized learning is one of the many adult education principles used to help you quickly transform from taking happy snaps to creating beautiful, powerful images. You do not to be a creative type, have the latest phone or limit your training toa set time or location. It's all mobile!

Most lessons include a video, walking you through the why and when of the technique or tool before demonstrating how to use it. On average, these are under 8 minutes in length.

  • Most lessons walk you through the why and when before the how to use tools
  • Learn photography intention and visual literacy
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced editing techniques
  • Avoid the steep learning curve of complicated desktop programs
  • All the videos, audio and PDF files can be downloaded to learn offline
  • Join the Smartphone Photography Club Facebook group - weekly photo themes
  • Access to Mike James long after the course for ongoing support and feedback
  • Included: 2 x 1/2 hour live one-on-one workshops with Mike 199 AUD value
  • Included: Image review and feedback 49 AUD value

4. Join our Facebook group, the Smartphone Photography Club

As a valued member of our Smartphone Photography Club, you will feel inspired and supported by other amateur smartphone photography enthusiasts enjoying and developing their passion.

Ask questions, receive feedback and engage with other positive members who love to help and support you with your questions.

Weekly mobile photo themes and photography training tips to encourage you to share images, learn and attempt new techniques. You, the community choose a Peoples Choice winner based on the number of your likes and comments. 

  • Weekly photo themes in our Facebook group to particiapte and be inspired by the end of week collage of all your images
  • Make friendships with smartphone photo enthusiasts
  • Weekly techniques and tips shared with the themes to have you trying new technical and creative techniques
  • Get updated on the latest published tutorials on this website
  • Photos only critiqued when you ask for feedback
  • Please no posting of random photos. This group is a learning community
  • Access to Mike James at any time - don't feel abandoned like you typically do buying a course
Smartphone Photography Training Facebook Community weekly theme - squre crop
Smartphone Photography Training Facebook Community weekly theme - clouds