Get Started: Steps to get the most out of your experience with Smartphone Photography Training

1. $167 course now yours for FREE as a video series

iphone and android Smartphone phtography course - free Photo intention composition and lighting
iphone and android Smartphone phtography course - free - qiock 6 step snapseed app photo editing proces to enhance any image
iphone and android Smartphone phtography course - free - accessories to extend the capabilities of you mobile camera phone
iphone and android Smartphone phtography course - free - practical example of a flower image from the field to the edit - capture and photo editing techniques

Meet other supportive, like-minded learner mobile photographers of all levels.

Ask questions, receive feedback and engage with other positive members who love to help and support you with your questions.

Weekly mobile photo themes and photography training tips to encourage you to share images, learn and attempt new techniques. You, the community choose a Peoples Choice winner based on the number of your likes and comments.

Smartphone Photography Training Facebook Community weekly theme - squre crop
Smartphone Photography Training Facebook Community weekly theme - clouds

3. Follow our Instagram and YouTube Account

Our Instagram account is updated daily with mobile photography specific techniques, tips and your images shared in our Facebook and Instagram community weekly photo theme. Unlike other social media platforms - you can easily scroll back through all our previous shared techniques and tips.


Our growing YouTube list of tutorials is also a great resource to assist you understand mobile photography theories and apps.

4. Read our latest Tutorials on smartphone photography techniques, tips and apps

Our articles help you discover and learn specific mobile photography techniques, be inspired by the images shared by our community members and their stories.

  • Photo enthusiast articles - techniques, creaivity and genre specific such as travel, landscape, etc
  • Photo composition and lighting to create aesthetically pleasing, intentional photos
  • Mobile photo editing - app reviews, techniques, editing workflows
  • Photos in business - what and how to capture
  • Mobile photographer interviews

5. Arrange your own small group workshop or one-on-one session, in-person in Geelong and Melbourne or online

Do you learn by being hands-on and like to have your questions answered?

Internet searches to help you improve a skill are great. However, you need to know what specific information you require to create those desired images.

Our group workshops are a great fun activity, that provides you life long skills. 

Contact Mike to arrange your own private group. Perfect for friends, families, workplaces, mothers' groups, camera clubs, etc.

6. Organise your own tailored photography training for Industry and Business

Do you use your phone to capture photos in your day to day business?

Our tailored photography training can help you and your staff easily create visually stunning and engaging images, consistent with your branding and story/message. Learn what makes an aesthetically pleasing and impactful image that will stand out online.

Many industries enjoy the convenience of the phone camera. However, are not taking full advantage of basic phone camera techniques, photo editing apps, lens attachments, etc.

Phone photography done properly in business can save time and money.

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Be passionate, Be creative and Keep learning!