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Video Two

What is a WOW photo and how do I become more creative?

We quite often think WOW when we see a photo, however cannot quite articulate what it is that evokes that response.

What is a WOW photo? I want you to think about this for a moment – What makes you think WOW that is a cool photo?

During my in-person workshops – when I ask what makes you stop scrolling through photos… there have been some common responses:

  • Vivid vibrant colours
  • Amazing detail
  • Beautiful lighting – golden sunsets or sunrises
  • Strong subject matter
  • Strong composition – where objects are placed within the photo and how they relate to each other
  • A photo that immediately communicates a strong story
  • A photo that evokes the viewers’ imagination – what are they doing, what are they thinking?
  • A photo that evokes an emotional reaction – joy, sadness, shock, fear, awe, amusement and inspiration
"I am not creative enough to see these amazing photograph opportunities"

I totally get that – some people are more creative than others. I didn't get that creative gene either. In this video, I share how I discovered and started becoming more creative.

Initially, I started following local people whose photos I enjoyed on Instagram and Facebook. This helped me identify both locations and the perspective to capture photos from. This provided me the inspiration and guidance that I needed to get out there, experiment and grow my confidence.

Start capturing textures, colour and the different ways that light reflects off things. Once you start looking at the world around you in this way – everyday objects and locations can become stunning. You will become creative in no time!

Once you identify what to photograph, there are some guidelines available that dramatically help you set up a photo to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Have you heard the term ‘composition’? It is how you position the main subject - other elements within the photo and how they all interact with each other. This is an area of photography that will really take your photography from happy snaps to WOW photos. I will talk about this more in the next video.

Challenge - Pick one object only and photograph it from multiple angles.

Photographing the same object from multiple angles is really fun. I still do this regularly. It helps you find unique perspectives. We all go through live viewing our world at eye level. As soon as you shoot even the most mundane subject from ground level or overhead – all of a sudden, it becomes interesting. If you have pets, children or grandchildren – get down to the level. The world looks amazing from down there. Can’t get down there – that’s ok…. use that selfie stick someone bought you because you are getting into mobile photography!

Then, get out there and share your photos. I understand being apprehensive, when there is so many great photos out there. There are many Facebook groups, including ours that are incredibly supportive. Our community is specific to like-minded learner mobile photographers of all levels.

Brilliant – those are some great tips you can implement straight away.

How easy – just to recap…

  • Locate other photographers in your area to follow online
  • Be inspired by other photos and attempt to replicate
  • Search a subject on 500px to find some incredible images 
  • Experiment capturing images that include the elements of a WOW photo listed above
  • Watch the next video on how to structure and set up a photograph 

I’m looking forward to popping back into your inbox tomorrow morning for the next video of your FREE Mobile Photography Course. 

Until then…..Be passionate, Be creative and Keep learning


Join our Facebook community to find like-minded learner photographers of all levels, who love to support each other. We run weekly photography challenges in the community and on Instagram, providing a great way to practice what you learn and share practical, jargon-free techniques and tips.


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