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You can now become the creative and confident mobile photographer you always wanted

In this video, I will discuss the transformation YOU and your photos will experience over the next 21 days...

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In just 21 days, you will be able to:

  • Be creative transforming your favourite photos into impactful, stunning images  you will be proud to print and share
  • Discover your creativity guided by visual language principles to create aesthetically pleasing images
  • Increase your confidence as a mobile photographer as you become even more passionate about photography
  • Effectively utilise photo editing apps, knowing why, when and how to use each tool in which order for best results
  • Identify different editing workflows specific to the content, context and intention of your image
  • Implement storytelling in your edit, attracting, holding and directing the attention of the image viewer
  • Benefit from the recommended selection of apps that cover every required editing tool on Android and iPhone

You will avoid...

  • Overwhelming subscription desktop photo editing programs
  • The steep learning curve of experimenting on your own learning what different tools do
  • Over-editing images to the point that they look edited
  • Downloading countless gimmicky apps that actually destroy the image quality
  • Wasting time. You should be taking photos and enjoying loved ones

It's not your fault!

Have you ever said 'the photo doesn't do it justice'

Your smartphone camera does a great job of doing the heavy lifting technical stuff to get the subject focused and correctly exposed (balance of light and dark). However, your phone does not know what the intention of your photo is. You may actually prefer a dark, moody image or those greens in the waterfall scene to be more vibrant.

Photo editing allows you to creatively bring back your original intention and emotion lost at capture.

Example before and after transformation in smartphone photography and mobile photo editing

You have the ability to create beautiful images inside you

I can help you unlock your potential in days - not months

It doesn't have to take months or years of study, watching desktop program tutorials, downloading countless apps, searching for that perfect filter that does everything.

Let me show you how...

Example before and after transformation in smartphone photography and mobile photo editing

Editing without jargon and technical stuff!

Who has the time or patience to endure the steep learning curve of a complicated desktop program? Especially when most if not all of your images are captured on your smartphone!

We live in a wonderful time now, whereas photographers we are no longer defined by the camera we use.

You do not need to wait until you buy the latest smartphone. So many believe they can buy their way to amazing photos.

You could achieve this is in one weekend!

See the transformation over the 21 day mobile photography course

Structure of the course

This course assumes no prior knowledge and leads you from beginner to more advanced techniques. Even if you are already well practised at photo editing, a refresher on content that you are already familiar can still be quite valuable.

Your 21 lessons are grouped into 4 modules.

All video is clear, succinct and bite-sized to make it quick and easy to consume a little each day. If you are a Netflix binge-watcher, you could potentially complete this in a weekend! A course that has 40 hours of video does not best serve you.

At the end of each week, there is an activity to get you involved and experience what you have learned. We all learn differently. Me, I get excited with new knowledge and like to be hands-on and get out there experimenting.

You can share comments and images you create in the comments section at the bottom of each lesson page.

MODULE ONE: 5 Days - Visual language

Before you start learning editing tools and what they do, it is critical to know why and when to use them.  If you don't believe you are creative, you are going to love this because there is a system. I will show you how people 'read' your image.

You will learn how our attention is drawn to specific elements in an image, retained and controlled to look at different elements. Our job as photographers is to be a storyteller and help take the cognitive load off the viewer to easily interpret the image.

36-min read and 36-min video

MODULE TWO: 5 Days - Basic editing

Photo editing can be overwhelming and complicated. Assuming no prior knowledge, I've got you as we start to explore some of the simple, yet powerful first steps of editing. The tools we explore here will truly transform your image before we even get into the more exciting tools!

You will learn how to adjust different tones to fix, enhance or creatively add drama to an image. This module is really where you can re-create that emotion that was lost at the capture. I will show you how to remove unwanted objects from your image too!

30-min read and 39 min video

MODULE THREE: 5 Days - Intermediate editing

This is where you start to learn area-specific editing and start to really create an image, rather than just taking photos. You will be able to creatively and confidently adjust the colours, tones in the image to start directing the attention of the viewer.

When you get to this level of editing, it truly is exciting to start producing professional-looking images that no-one will believe you captured on your existing mobile device.

27-min read and 49-min video

MODULE FOUR: 6 Days - Advanced editing

You are now ready to use the more advanced tools that you previously may have found a daunting and avoided.

Once you start experimenting and understanding how to use the Curves tool, blending images and (jargon alert!) masking, there is no limit to what you can achieve in mobile photo editing.

I am excited for you to get to this stage and I am here to help you all the way.

39-min read and 66-min video

Want a look inside? How about the whole first module for free?

Tap on the lessons in the Course Curriculum below. The one I want you to check out first is the Perspective tool. It allows you to correct lens distortions, creatively add distortions.

The best feature is the ability to straighten an image and have edges fill in instead of being cropped off. You have to see it in action to fully appreciate how great this tool is.

Click/tap here to access.

Ultimate Package - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days - BONUS inclusions

There are three enrollment options:

Ultimate Package: This is the best value, biggest transformation and most direct support from myself. You get the full course, all the videos, community, Live one-on-one sessions and all the extra bonuses detailed below.

Essentials Package: If you are further ahead and more experienced in photo setup and mobile photo editing, this option is the 10 more advanced lessons.

Basic Package: Downloaded PDF version of the course without access to the video lessons.

Bonus inclusion inside the smartphone photo editing course - enthusiast to pro in 21 days

BONUS ONE: 1-hour Live one-on-one session

Unlike other online courses, you have direct access to me, Mike - the course creator and presenter.

You can also elect to break this up into two 1/2 hour sessions. We can connect at the start and end of the course or any time you would like some direct support.

This really is the best way to accelerate your learning and transformation.

one-on-one online training inside enthusiast to pro in 21 days photography course

BONUS TWO: Adobe Lightroom workshop

The next natural progression after exploring the full potential of the versatile and powerful Sanpseed app is Adobe Lightroom. After completing this course, you will be ready to take on this app and not feel intimidated.

This workshop is actually a recording that I presetned to a camera club online during COVID lockdown. Professional photographers have reached out after this workshop surprised at some of the features that they were not aware of inside this app.

bonus adobe lightroom workshop included in the enthusiast to pro in 21 days smartphone photography mobile photo editing course

BONUS THREE: iPhone Photos editing app workshop

This course is designed to cater to all mobile device users. The photography content is relevant across all camera choices. The apps used to demonstrate the various tools - why, when and how to use them are available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

This bonus workshop goes deep into the tools available on the 2020 updated in-built iPhone photo editor.

If you have an Android smartphone, you will stil find some value in this workshop.

bonus iphone photos workshop included in the enthusiast to pro in 21 days smartphone photography mobile photo editing course

BONUS FOUR: Image feedback video

As adults, we all learn better when the training is directly relevant to us. What could be more relevant than receiving feedback on your own images? You will learn so much more than just watching a skin-smoothing YouTube video or some other topic that you cannot relate to or will never use. As a regular camera club judge, I often deliver feedback in a manner that is positive, thoughtful and thorough.

BONUS FIVE: Messenger and Email support at any time

In my pursuit to offer you the best smartphone photography training, I studied training design and development for two years. The next step was to listen to students of other photography courses I had purchased.

The overwhelming problem with other courses and in-person workshops is the feeling of being abandoned after the sale. You have the Facebook group to continue our relationship long after the course and direct access to me anytime during the course via email or messenger.

contact course presetner anytime at smartphone phtogoraphy training

BONUS SIX: Closed Facebook community. Weekly photo themes and Live tutorials

You are invited to join our Facebook group. As the community manager, I promote ongoing learning in this group. For over 200 weeks now, we have a weekly photo theme of either a new technique or simple subject.

At the end of each week, I go Live in the group to share the People's Choice winners based on community engagement of likes and comments.

Which other photography course offers that?

Screen Shot 2020-07-015

BONUS SEVEN: Struman Optics lens attachment 15% off

As an ambassador to Struman Optics, I can pass on an additional 15% off any existing discounted price on my website - here.

These quality lenses add extra capability and creativity to your photography.

​​The multi-layer, crystal nano coating and multi-element arrangement ensures the results are edge-to-edge sharp . There is minimal to no distortion and edge darkening (vignetting).

Struman Optics lens attachements - get 15% off inside the mobile photo editing course - smartphone photography training

Further along the photography journey?

Save time and money and enrol in the 10 Days instead!

This condensed course is a selection of the advanced lessons, including perspective and cropping, increase sharpness, selective and brush tools, healing, stacks and masking, curves, colour grading, black and white, double exposure and Snapseed tips and hacks.

Assuming some prior knowledge, this course will meet you at your existing skill level and develop you further.

Amateur to pro in 10 days mobile photo editing course - smartphone photography training

Let's make this happen!

If you are committed, I am committed to helping you complete this course. I cannot wait to observe and be a part of your transformation. I am excited for you to be a part of our community and continue your journey to becoming more creative and confident long after this course has finished.

Most courses are so complicated and long. Many believe that value is more. After studying training design for two years, I know this is the best balance of DIY and support to cater to your learning style.

You will not find this level of training and support anywhere else... and certainly not at this price!


"The universal applicability of photos in business and Mikes' interactive, engaging style results in large workshop attendances. His workshops save our customers time and frustration, by giving them practical tips to implement straight away. Mike's presentations are dynamic and captivate the audience, who are just amazed and excited by what they can achieve on a mobile phone camera."

Liz G

"I took Smartphone Photography Training's photo editing course to gain proficiency and some ideas for the social media for our business. I had no idea that I would get so much out of it on a personal level. This course gave me the skills to create the image I imagined from the one I initially captured, and the confidence to keep trying and experimenting. Thanks very much, Mike for your simple, insightful and easy to follow instructions."

Eva V

"I have really enjoyed the videos supplied by Mike on how to use the camera on my smartphone. Each video was easy to watch and understand and I have been very happy with the results. Mike's Facebook group allows others to comment on my photos and the weekly topics ensure ongoing interest. I would highly recommend Mike's courses to anyone interested in improving their photography skills - both amateur and professional!"

Margaret R

“My friend and I attended your workshop and are both studying a Diploma in Photo Imaging. We wanted to do a fun activity at the Waterfront and learn a different style of photography. We were absolutely astounded how much we can do on our phone. You showed us more practical stuff in one hour than we have learned in six months at XXXX. I don’t want to finish my course now! I had no idea I could do almost anything Photoshop does on my iPhone! "


The workshop and course have helped me to move out of my mobile photography 'comfort zone' and start experimenting with other editing apps and more features of my iPhone. The FB group is a great follow up support as the news skills will take time to develop. Thanks Mike for answering all my questions and the great follow up."

Kathryn M

“After selling my DSLR some time ago, I was looking to see how to make better use of my mobile phone camera. I would highly recommend the course as it is very well structured and avoids unnecessary jargon.  Each section is very practical and examples are clearly explained in the videos.  I felt encouraged to apply the new skills right away. I had very little experience in photo editing and this course has really opened my mind. Mike is very approachable and provides constructive feedback throughout."

Philippe B

About me - Mike

My two passions are training design and photography.

After delivering hundreds of photography workshops, the overwhelming majority of students simply want to improve the photos they have already taken. Years of photography student feedback and my late adoption to smartphone photography places me in a unique position to truly understand you.

Unlike other course creators, I am equally passionate about training design. Like you, I value ongoing learning. After acquiring my Diploma in Training Design and Development I continue to stay up to date with Adult Education best practice to deliver you the most relevant, quality product possible.

Learn more about me here

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to a basic understanding of photography first?

This course is designed without the assumption of any prior knowledge. We start at the basics and support you along the way to the more advanced techniques and tools. You can post a question to Mike directly or to our private Facebook group, where you can help others with the answer.

What if have an older phone, iPad or Tablet?

That’s ok. The editing apps will work on any device. If you find that your device does not support the recommended apps – you will receive a full refund. You do not need to wait until that flash new phone to take full advantage of this course. It is not about the camera. The apps selected will work on the iPad and Tablet. Remember, it is not about the camera. You will actually be at a distinct advantage being able to see your progress on a larger screen!

Which apps do you use?

The main app we will be using is Snapseed as well as a small number of other apps that are also available on both iPhone and Android.

I am not good with technology

The platform chosen to deliver the course was selected for the ease of use for you in mind. The interface is clutter-free and easier to follow than most delivery websites. If you have any trouble at any time, you can reach out to receive prompt support.

How long will the course take?

That is up to you. The course titles indicate the number of days in design. This provides time to digest and practise what you learn. However, if you are a Netflix binge-watcher, then you could easily get it done in a weekend!

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you can watch them directly in the course on your smartphone or desktop. I have made them available in the Resource module to download and watch offline. You can also download the audio version. I know sounds funny – listening to a photography course instead of watching. We are busy people and personally, I love podcasts and prefer to listen to courses when that option is made available.

Will there be a discount?

Great question. We all like a bargain and that winning feeling of trading money for something of higher value. Previous versions of this course when it was a DIY video course were discounted. The most affordable way to access the content is the Basic package being the PDF (without video) at $29 AUS.

The latest version of the Ultimate Package now includes my personal time to work with you. To offer that value that no-one is offering needs to be at a premium as my time becomes more scarce.  As I take more and more bookings for the one-on-one Live sessions, the pricing can only go one way!

Your transformation, life-long passion for smartphone photography and ability to go back and improve your existing special photos far outweighs the investment in this course.

Over 2000 students are now experiencing the exciting transformation to becoming a more confident and creative mobile photographer.

Are you the next success story?

Over 2000 students jpg

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