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"The universal applicability of photos in business and Mikes' interactive, engaging style results in large workshop attendances. His workshops save our customers time and frustration, by giving them practical tips to implement straight away. Mike's presentations are dynamic and captivate the audience, who are just amazed and excited by what they can achieve on a mobile phone camera."

Liz G

"I took Smartphone Photography Training's photo editing course to gain proficiency and some ideas for the social media for our business. I had no idea that I would get so much out of it on a personal level. This course gave me the skills to create the image I imagined from the one I initially captured, and the confidence to keep trying and experimenting. Thanks very much, Mike for your simple, insightful and easy to follow instructions."

Eva V

"I have really enjoyed the videos supplied by Mike on how to use the camera on my smartphone. Each video was easy to watch and understand and I have been very happy with the results. Mike's Facebook group allows others to comment on my photos and the weekly topics ensure ongoing interest. I would highly recommend Mike's courses to anyone interested in improving their photography skills - both amateur and professional!"

Margaret R

“My friend and I attended your workshop and are both studying a Diploma in Photo Imaging. We wanted to do a fun activity at the Waterfront and learn a different style of photography. We were absolutely astounded how much we can do on our phone. You showed us more practical stuff in one hour than we have learned in six months at XXXX. I don’t want to finish my course now! I had no idea I could do almost anything Photoshop does on my iPhone! "


The workshop and course have helped me to move out of my mobile photography 'comfort zone' and start experimenting with other editing apps and more features of my iPhone. The FB group is a great follow up support as the news skills will take time to develop. Thanks Mike for answering all my questions and the great follow up."

Kathryn M

“After selling my DSLR some time ago, I was looking to see how to make better use of my mobile phone camera. I would highly recommend the course as it is very well structured and avoids unnecessary jargon.  Each section is very practical and examples are clearly explained in the videos.  I felt encouraged to apply the new skills right away. I had very little experience in photo editing and this course has really opened my mind. Mike is very approachable and provides constructive feedback throughout."

Philippe B

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