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Simple Snapseed photo editing - 6 steps

The following seven steps are consistent in nearly every photo I edit using this amazing FREE mobile photo editing app by Google.


Straighten the photo and change the perspective. I avoid using either Rotate or the rotate option within Crop.

  1. CROP

Crop the photo considering composition – selecting from an aspect ratio preset. This can change the whole story and feel of your image. Where will you be sharing the image. This may affect the crop aspect.


Identify issues that need to be addressed to the whole photo (global adjustments). Start with Ambience, then go from the top at brightness and work your way down. I quite often need to go back and add a little more contrast.

TIP: Hold the before and after icon in the top right corner to see your progress.


Tap on details to find two options: structure and sharpening. I rarely go beyond 15 in structure, because it becomes a little grungy; then increase sharpening to what I like.

TIP: Remember to pinch and zoom to have a closer look at exactly what sharpening is occurring.

TIP: Another option to sharpen the image is the Tonal Contrast filter.


Pinch and zoom into areas that need replacing. Swipe over an object and it will replace with similar content (pixels) on either side. If it doesn’t work very well, zoom in further or try swiping from another direction.

TIP: I use an iOS and Android app named Retouch by AdvaSoft for removing objects.


Lens blur filter is great for blurring a distracting background.

TIP: I use an iOS and Android app named After Focus by Motion One for creating the blurred background.

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