Completely new cleaner and lighter user interface

Snapseed app by Google has had a complete overhaul. The latest interface has completely changed and it looks fantastic. The previous Snapseed update in March 2017 brought with it some new Face enhancing and an expand feature. The new version 2.18 Snapseed update also brings us a new feature in adjusting perspectives - similar to lens correction and it works amazingly well.


For those who follow my blogs, watch my tutorials or attend my in-person training will know - I am a huge advocate for Snapseed. It is my go-to mobile photo editing app on all my images, before heading into single purpose apps. One of which has been made redundant thanks to a new feature also released!

  • Instant load time
  • Lighter, cleaner look and feel of predominantly white and grey background
  • Grid layout of easy to understand icons
  • More perspective and distortion correction tools
  • Easier to  save your own filter (look)
  • Eleven extra looks; including: portrait, smooth, pop, accentuate, faded glow, morning, bright, fine art, push, structure and silhouette


New users of Snapseed will particularly enjoy the new interface, because the options are all there in front of them. There is no need to scroll and tap through to features. They are all elegantly presented in one screen.


It may seem like only a minor change in appearance. However, I have already found this new interface in this Snapseed update, to be quicker to navigate to my favourite tools. That is what mobile photo editing is about - convenience, speed and the ability to enhance and share our images quickly.


Snapseed Update 2.17

Snapseed Update 2.17

Snapseed Update 2.18

Snapseed Update 2.18

New perspective tool features

After each update - Snapseed photo editing becomes even more convenient. I find myself removing at least one other app from my favourites list. Sometimes, these are single purpose apps that I paid for!

We now have more options to distort the photo to correct and introduce different perspectives. When you capture a photo of a building the base is always large and wide - then quickly tapers together toward the top. This converging verticals is exaggerated with a smartphone because the wide angle perspective makes objects closer to the lens (bottom of the building) appear larger.

You can hold any corner of the photo and drag it in or out to change any vertical lines (edges of walls). The app can intelligently fill in new parts of the image with white, black or copy original content. It is really cool to see for yourself.

New perspective tool in Snapseed update version 2.18

This feature will be really handy for interior designers, architecture photographers, real estate agents and property managers - refer to my real estate photography course.

Eleven new filters (looks)

Now, I am not a great advocate of filters.  My preference is for photo enthusiasts to purposefully edit images to create the desired look and mood. I understand that sometimes filters can help you discover new looks that you may not otherwise have discovered by yourself.

Users of Instagram will be familiar with the carousel view of scrolling through the images and seeing the live effect before selecting a filter (Snapseed calls these looks).

Most apps that have filters do not actually explain what they are doing and some, at best may have a slider to reduce the effect to the whole image. Snapseed lets you apply the filter, then go behind the scenes to see exactly what it did. How cool is that?

  1. Simply tap on Looks or the rainbow icon (depending on your phone orientations). Next tap through the filters to see the effect live before tapping the check mark.
  2. Tap on the tiles icon in the top right corner
  3. Tap on View edits
  4. Next the screen reveals all the edits that the chosen filter has applied!
  5. Tap on any of these and you can either trash that part of the filter, mask (selectively apply) or tap on the adjust icon to see in more detail what each step by step part of the process was.
Eleven new filters - looks in the latest Snapseed update 2.18

What is missing?

Noise reduction. Quite often smartphones can have that grainy, speckly (is that a word?) and blotchy appearance. This is caused by a number of factors, including file compression to save file storage, image degradation, over-editing, etc. This is one feature missing that I still find myself having to go to either of these apps to complete - Android - Photoshop Express and iOS - Noiseware

Please Google, introduce this much-requested feature in an upcoming Snapseed update.

Learn More: iPhone noise removal using Live Photos and Noiseware app

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