Join the worlds best (in my opinion) online Smartphone Photography Club

Now more than ever, you need community. A place to feel connected and a part of something special.

The Smartphone Photography Club is much more than just a place to learn photography, it is a vibrant community with caring community members.

Your closed Facebook group is unlike other photography groups where you simply post images for likes and instant gratification. This is a learning community - a community of interest. 

Open to previous in-person workshop attendees, online course students and anyone currently on the email list here.

Unlike most photography courses - our community is a great way for me to stay in touch with you, continue your learning and be surrounded by an amazing group of supporting photo enthusiasts.

Each week I go Live and share a collage of your images contributed to the weekly photo theme, share techniques and tips.

Smartphone Photography Training - Learn to capture and create WOW images on your smartphone - without the technical jargon

See example weekly write up and more weekly photo theme results below