Capturing photos

Isolate the subject to add impact to your smartphone photos

Isolated objects - smartphone photography weekly photo theme

Clearly communicate the subject or story We live in an era of being over-exposed to visual content; in the form of photos, videos and infographics. We want our favourite images to be noticed and enjoyed by others too. Capturing and sharing images has been democratised by the smartphone and made it really easy to share…

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Business Event Photography – on your Smartphone!

Business Event Photos - Attendees perspective

30 killer tips to create impactful event photographs using your smartphone You have been asked to take business event photos because you share photos on your Instagram/Facebook account. Therefore, you must know what you are doing!   Argh, the pressure – it’s all up to you to record the event and make it look really engaging…

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How to photograph etched glass trophy – on your smartphone

ANZ Geelong Small Business Awards Trophy

Using just two smartphones and two apps – you can achieve a professional looking image of a glass trophy At Better Mobile Photos – we are thrilled to be an award winner in the category Innovative Idea at the 2017 ANZ Geelong Small Business Awards. Such an awesome honour deserves a decent photo of the…

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3 steps to capture a WOW photo on your Smartphone

wow photos using your smartphone

The transition from taking a snapshot and recording a moment in time to capture a WOW photo can be attributed to how you: Set up the photo – pre-planning the photo capture Photo editing – enhancement after the photo   We are going to cover three easy to implement steps to dramatically improve the way…

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