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Reading this article – you already know that 360 degree product photos are the new standard for product photography on your ecommerce store.


Online buyers are looking for quality and value in your product. Unlike a bricks and mortar store, they cannot physically experience your product and their first contact is likely your imagery


A 360 degree interactive photo is much more compelling and informative. An extra few seconds of user engagement on your site can provide a competitive advantage and ultimately higher conversions.


Gone are the days of having to outsource photo capture and editing. If you are selling a high-end product, then the professional photography is still the way to go. For most of us – the Foldio 360 studio kit is an absolute must have.

Complete mobile solution – 360 degree product photos without any technical know-how!

The mini studio is available in two larger sizes that fit the automatic turntable and prices start at

$204 USDL plus postage. The turntable measure 250mm (10inches) in diameter and can take a maximum load of 5kg (11lbs)

1. Setup the studio

Unfold the white plastic flatpack lightbox and insert the backdrop (sweep) in less than 30 seconds, held in place by the built-in magnets. These come in two sizes that will fit the Foldio360 turntable - Foldio2 15" and Foldio3 25".

2. Turn on the lights!

The Foldio lightbox comes complete with dual high brightness, dimmable LED light strips. These are positioned on the top front edge. These are also sold separately to minimise any shadows and help create that clean look.

3. Insert the Foldio360 turntable

Place the automatic Foldio360 turntable inside the Lightbox and position the halo edge light toward the rear. This dimmable halo light is hidden from the camera, as it emits a bright light toward the background.

4. Prepare your product

It may sound silly - however, clean your product. Under these bright lights, any imperfections - even dust can be revealed in these high quality close up 360 degree product photos. Make sure you place the product in the middle of the turntable to ensure it pivots on-the-spot and doesn't do laps of your turntable!

5. Install the Foldio360 app

Bluetooth sync the smart turntable to either your iPhone or Android smartphone using the Foldio360 app. This is quite simply tapping the button in the app and it does the Bluetooth discovery and connection automatically!

6. Use a tripod

The studio kit does not come with a tripod. However, this is recommended to hold your smartphone in the exact same position between each photo or video capture. The ideal height is at the same level as the product. Higher or lower can introduce some lens distortion to your 360-degree product photos.

7. Manual camera control. Don't panic - it's easy

As well as controlling the halo light to make the background completely white - you also have a camera built into the app.

The iPhone version of the app provides extra manual controls including cropping, focus and colour correction (white balance).

GIF courtesy: Orangemonkie

8. One tap capture

Start the capture with one-tap. The smart turntable will automatically and precisely pivot incrementally between each capture to produce the finished interactive 360 degree image. How easy and amazing is that?

9. Upload and share

Upload and store your finished 360 degree photo on Foldio360 Online to share on social media or embedded directly on your website.

More 360 degree product photo demonstration videos and information about the Foldio360, other Foldio lightboxes and available accessories - can be found at Orange Monkie

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