Watch the video to learn more about the new wide-angle lens in the Cinematic range and the new circular polarising filter CPL. Note: You can watch at double speed!

What's the same in the new wide-angle lens?

Struman Optics are always improving their smartphone photography lens attachments in their mobile accessory products. The latest update in the new wide-angle lens in the Struman Optics Cinematic range.

Same edge-to-edge sharpness, minimal to no vignetting or (warning technical speak) chromatic aberration. That is basically where you see the colourful artefacts in cheaper lenses on the bright and dark edges in a photo.

Same thread system that attaches to the iPhone or Samsung backing plate and universal clamp that fits all other smartphones and tablets.

What's different?

The shape is very different. The lens is unashamedly bigger, letting in more light and feeling a little more robust.

The new wide-angle lens also has a lens cap, similar to the Portrait lens in the same Cinematic range of top-end lens attachments. The previous model had a lens that used to fall off at the most awkward times!

The Cinematic lenses after June 2019 also have a thread on the rim to attach the 55mm adaptor plate included with the circular polarising filter CPL.

Opening the updated packaging is an Apple-like experience with magnets on the front section. Inside is a larger lens container with a second section for the optional storage of the Cinematic portrait lens. 

The new Get Started card in the lens container has What's in the box; Attaching the adaptor clip; Using the phone case; Using the lenses; Useful tips; Accessory pack; Care and maintenance and Recommended app.

No surprise the recommended app is Snapseed. As you know as a member of the Smartphone Photography Club, you have access to my full course 'Strategically edit WOW images on your smartphone using Snapseed.'

Circular polarising filter CPL

One of the exciting new products by Struman Optics is the circular polarising filter that attaches to the Cinematic portrait and the new wide-angle lens. It simply screws on the front. To operate, simply point at a subject 90% to the light source and twist the filter. Key features of the lens are:

  • Reduces haze
  • Reduces and recovers highlights
  • Adds drama in clouds
  • Captures more colour
  • Removes reflection
  • Reduces shutter speed

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Your existing smartphone provides you with the capacity to capture great photos. Combining photographic intention, composition and editing really elevate your photos into images. Taking advantage of the new wide-angle lens in the Cinematic range provides you with more scope and extends your existing capability.