Watch the video above to see Struman Optics smartphone lens attachments compared - zoom and field of view.

Note: You can playback at double speed!

Why do you need a phone lens attachment?

In a recent article, we discussed how multiple cameras on your smartphone can increase the useability and capability of your smartphone camera. The common lenses found on these multiple camera smartphones are the telephoto (2x zoom) and ultra-wide lens.

If you do not have one of these fancy multi-camera phones - that's ok, you are not alone. Fortunately, we can invest in a quality lens attachment. The golf course location demonstrates the extra versatility when comparing types of smartphone lens attachments.

Multiple lenses builtin or as lens attachments allow you to capture a more accurate representation of what you see or explore more creative opportunities. Additional lenses allow you to experiment with different zoom and fields of view.

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Compare phone lens attachments - zoom and field of view tested at a golf driving range!

Which lens attachments were tested?

As a Struman Optics ambassador, I recently had the privilege to compare smartphone lens attachments at a golf course.

Their compact travel lens kit named the ProSeries range includes a wide-angle, macro and fisheye lens in a compact travel case. These are fantastic when space and size is a priority top convenience.

The Cinematic range includes larger lenses, providing edge-to-edge sharpness and minimal to no darkening of the edges (vignetting) when using an iPhone or Samsung backing plate.

Below are links for more information on each of the lenses tested:

  1. Cinematic portrait lens - link
  2. Cinematic wide-angle lens - link
  3. 14 x zoom lens - link
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Click/tap here to watch the unboxing video of the new and improved Struman Optics Cinematic wide-angle lens and circular polarising filter CPL

The new Get Started card in the lens container has a What's in the Box guide, including the sections; attaching the adaptor clip; using the phone case; using the lenses; useful tips; accessory pack; care and maintenance and recommended app.

No surprise the recommended app is Snapseed. As you know as a member of the Smartphone Photography Club, you have access to my full course 'Strategically edit WOW images on your smartphone using Snapseed.'

Circular polarising filter CPL

One of the exciting new products by Struman Optics is the circular polarising filter that attaches to the Cinematic portrait and the new wide-angle lens. It simply screws on the front. To operate, simply point at a subject 90% to the light source and twist the filter. Key features of the lens are:

  • Reduces haze
  • Reduces and recovers highlights
  • Adds drama in clouds
  • Captures more colour
  • Removes reflection
  • Reduces shutter speed

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Your existing smartphone provides you with the capacity to capture great photos. Combining photographic intention, composition and editing really elevate your photos into images. Taking advantage of the new wide-angle lens in the Cinematic range provides you with more scope and extends your existing capability.


The photo capture is the first step to creating beautiful, engaging, impactful images. The next step is photo editing to strategically crop, enhance the tones, colours and direct the viewers' attention - just like a piece of artwork!

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Struman Optics photography lens attachments compared at the golf driving range! 
The Cinematic portrait lens is effectively 2x captured the 200m marker clearly. The 14 x zoom was a standout (with some imperfections). The wide-angle lens captured a wide field of view (obviously!). It was interesting to see the lack of detail when I zoomed in.
The best overall lens was definitely the Cinematic portrait lens. If you want a wide shot - you can capture a panoramic with the portrait lens attached.