Attention: Smartphone Photo Enthusiast!

"Are You Disappointed with Blurry, Low-Resolution Looking Photos?"

Even your best photo will be ruined by not being sharp!

I’m here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about capturing tack-sharp details on a smartphone. One of the biggest problems you are facing is being underwhelmed by the sharpness and clarity of your photos. They look soft and lacking in detail.

Blurry to Tack-sharp photos on multi devices (1)

That’s not the worst part. You accept that result and blame it on your camera and desire an expensive upgrade! It’s not your fault.

Smartphone manufacturers spend millions to convince you to upgrade. Some of my favourite macro photos were captured on my 2012 iPhone 6s!

I’m Mike James and I have helped photographers for over 20-years squeeze as much detail possible out of their ‘big’ camera gear.

Now a mobile purist for over 5-years and equally passionate for instructional design – I have developed a 4-step system to achieve tack-sharp photos on any mobile device.

Prepare the scene – prepare your camera – shooting techniques – mobile editing to bring out the details

Is this you?

You love taking photos and your smartphone is full of great photos that bring you joy and fulfilment.

You understand the basics of photographic intention, storytelling and composition. However, you find yourself checking and deleting blurry, bad photos clogging up your phone.

This brings up feelings of self-doubt, frustration and being underwhelmed with the results. This leaves us blaming our smartphone, believing it is too old, the screen is too small or limited in features.

It is not your fault! Your smartphone camera does a great job of recording the scene in front of you. To achieve this even the most expensive smartphones automatically select settings that do not prioritise sharp focus.

Without the right techniques and tips, you are missing out on the potential of your photos and you as a mobile photographer.

Imagine this

Imagine feeling confident and satisfied that you can create beautiful in-focus, tack-sharp ‘big’ camera photos on your existing smartphone every time... without having to upgrade your phone.

Once you learn how to set up, capture and edit tack-sharp photos on your smartphone, your photos will look amazing online and printed, hung on your wall. You will know the secrets to why, when and how to use the tools inside my recommended editing apps for professional results.

Example tack sharp images Course blurry smartphone photos

Imagine being able to confidently create tack-sharp photos every time in any conditions? You can even recover some of your discarded photos and make them your new favourites.

If you have a low-resolution camera the results will be even more transformational. Using photo editing, companies like have been printing 120’ photos since 2012.

Using techniques and my recommended apps, you can take control of any device and make details absolutely jump off the screen!

 Here is the solution

Prepare the scene – prepare your camera – shooting techniques – mobile editing to bring out the details

This 4-step system delivered as a 1-hour webclass and full course is your key to quickly and comprehensively apply the best tips and techniques (without the jargon), so you can confidently create tack-sharp photos you did not think possible on your smartphone... and never miss a precious moment or take a blurry photo again.

Before we go further, let me share a quick story:


The story behind this new 4-step system 

After 20-years working in a technical area of photography, I did not take photos personally and disliked photography. The camera was a tool of the trade and did not bring me joy like my smartphone does now. This became apparent when my mum passed away and I tragically discovered only 6 photos over her last 9 years as my 3 kids grew up. It was then that I realised photos were a gift for others.

I suspended my prejudice toward the smartphone and took more photos of my family and myself. I discovered a new love of photographing nature. Wanting to replicate ‘big’ camera photos, I bought every out-of-date smartphone photography course and book I could find. I also wasted a lot of time watching YouTube videos of the same limited, basic tips.

After gaining my instructional design qualification I have become obsessed with creating simplified transformation step-by-step systems. This gives you the biggest results in the shortest time possible. I am proud to share with you the new way of achieving the desired photo sharpness through a 4-step systematic approach.

This system is step 3 of my ‘Complete Smartphone Photography Transformation: 4-Step System.’ This system is still in development. My priority was to have this section available first. After delivering hundreds of in-person workshops, I know sharpness and photo clarity is one of your biggest struggles.

example animal images from Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos on your smartphone iPhone photography

What is the Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System?

This simple and powerful 4-step system webclass and course is the key to learning everything you need to confidently capture and edit tack-sharp photos you did not think possible on your smartphone and never have a blurry photo and miss a precious moment of photographic opportunity again.

Blurry to Tack-sharp photos on multi devices (1)

STEP 1: Prepare the scene/subject

  • Moving and static subjects - avoid motion blur
  • Ambient and artificial lighting - improve photo quality
  • Environmental conditions - identify what to avoid
  • Background - control to make details stand out more
  • Lighting - highlight details and improve photo quality

Sometimes you cannot control the scene. This step assesses external environmental factors that you may be able to quickly adjust to dramatically improve the ability of your camera to autofocus better. 

STEP 2: Prepare your camera

  • How to clean the lens - to avoid finger smear!
  • Resolution and capture modes - camera performance
  • Lenses - extend capability without losing sharpness
  • Manual camera - maximise your camera performance
  • ISO and shutter speed - minimise noise and blur

Cleaning the lens sounds obvious. It is often the cause of a blurry photo! Check out this lesson for FREE below. This module is a bit technical as we squeeze more performance out of your camera.  

STEP 3: Shooting techniques

  • Camera stability - tripod and tips to avoid motion blur
  • Manual focus - precisely see the areas in focus
  • Focus peaking - extra tip no-one knows about
  • Shooting modes - your choice affects the details

Now that you have set up the scene and camera, this is the fun step - taking the photo! In the previous steps, you are controlling subject movement, camera settings and now camera movement. 

STEP 4: Basic to advanced editing

  • Selective sharpening - add exactly where you want
  • Advanced sharpening - achieve professional results
  • Photo noise - discover how to avoid and minimise this
  • Focus stacking - push beyond the phone limits

The real photo transformation is editing existing and future photos. Most steps that you may have missed or unable to control in the previous steps can be repaired, introduced or enhanced in editing. 

Latest testimonials

Cheryle Matthews

Disappointed in the clarity & sharpness of her photos to "Some of my photos are looking extremely good and I'm very happy with the results"

Hazel Ingram

Hazel is one of our most proud smartphone photographers. I have loved watching her transformation to 'see' photographically and become more confident in editing and her creativity.

Terry Turkington

"Mike's communication skills are excellent and he can speak to me in a learner language that I can understand and make everything sound so easy."

Testimonial for Smartphone Photography Training Eva

"I took Smartphone Photography Training's photo editing course to gain proficiency and some ideas for the social media for our business. I had no idea that I would get so much out of it on a personal level. This course gave me the skills to create the photo I imagined from the one I initially captured, and the confidence to keep trying and experimenting. Thanks very much, Mike for your simple, insightful and easy to follow instructions."

Eva van der Vlies

Client Testimonilal - Kathryn McCauley - Social Media Consultant - A guide to consulting services

The workshop and course have helped me to move out of my mobile photography 'comfort zone' and start experimenting with other editing apps and more features of my iPhone. The FB group is a great follow up support as the news skills will take time to develop. Thanks Mike for answering all my questions and the great follow up."

Kathryn McCauley

Sample video lesson (7min 30sec) - #1 Tip to Avoid a Blurry Photo

Your smartphone lens is very robust and can tolerate an ad-hoc wipe over with any material you have access to. Before you do, I recommend checking the lens is clear of any foreign matter that may scratch the lens.


  • Check the lens for any foreign matter - quite often blowing on the lens will work
  • Lint-free cloths are great for cleaning most of the flat surfaces you can access
  • A cotton bud is perfect for those difficult to access areas on and around the lens
  • Clean the inside of your phone cover
  • Clean front and rear of your lens attachment
Number one tip to avoid a blurry smartphone photo - clean the lens

Do not:

  • Use a cleaning solution. If you feel you need to, apply cleaning solution onto a cloth and not directly onto the lens.
  • Use a tissue. This actually leaves more on the lens than it removes!

A 'big' camera technique is to clean in a circular motion from outside to the centre. This is most effective to remove fingerprints, oil, smudges, dirt, and dust on larger lens attachments.

How is this different from other training? 

This system delivers you faster results in less time! You can watch, pause, rewind and replay the 1-hour webclass and individual bite-sized video lessons anytime, online or offline across all devices. Other trainers explain how to use sharpening tools and techniques. You will also learn why and when to use tools to get the best results.

Prior to delivering to hundreds of students through in-person group workshops, I believed hands-on training was the best way to learn. This proved time and time again to be the least productive way to provide a long-lasting transformation. We have fun, learn from everyone attending. However, you go home again and forget everything a week later.

As adults, we all learn differently. The webclass, video, printable PDF, bonus video presentations, continued contact and project-based learning through the community will complement your learning styles – auditory, verbal, social, solitary, auditory and physical.

Unlike other online training, you will not feel abandoned and left to your own. I believe it is important to continue your learning through project-based exercises within a social learning environment. Our Facebook group provides ongoing photo themes to participate to support you, keep you inspired, challenged and motivated. It is also the best way to stay in touch with myself and have any questions answered.

Inclusions (up to $1,943 value)

VIDEO COURSE - Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System ($597 delivery value)

Blurry to Tack-Sharp Mobile Images Video Course Smartphone Cover

My in-person group workshop fee is $199 per hour per person. I used to think in-person workshops were the best way to learn. You could be hands-on and ask questions at any time. That is the downside, everyone asks questions taking time away from your development.

You can learn at your own pace and have direct support from myself when needed in the course  comments or inside our Facebook wonderful community.

BONUS ONE: Printable PDF course workbook ($49 value)

Blurry to Tack-Sharp Mobile Images Course PDF Cover

This PDF may be your preferred option to learn quickly by skim reading the content, so you can save time... and get out there shooting more!

This printable PDF is also available in your web browser.

If you are enrolled in the video course, you can click/tap on the video graphic inside the PDF to go directly inside that lesson in your internet browser. As I update the course, this PDF in your browser automatically updates!

BONUS TWO: Replay LIVE web class delivering this course in an hour ($199 delivery value)

Virtual Event Speaker - Smartphone Photography Online Workshop

This 1-hour webclass recording of the course is your key to take in the content quickly, so you can save time and select the parts of the full course you want to take a deep dive for more information.

This Live recording was an option for early students to have questions answered directly. You will find this recording inside the bonus section of the course.

BONUS THREE: Adobe Lightroom workshop ($199 delivery value)

bonus adobe lightroom workshop included in the enthusiast to pro in 21 days smartphone photography mobile photo editing course

Adobe Lightroom app offers some advanced sharpening and noise reduction tools covered inside this course. It also has some other versatile and powerful tone and colour tools.

This recording delivered online to a camera club is your key to discover the great features inside the Lightroom mobile app, so you can play around inside with confidence... and start to take your photos to the next level.

BONUS FOUR: Closed Facebook group. Photo themes and Live tutorials ($199 value - priceless!)

Screen Shot 2020-07-015

You are invited to join our Facebook group. For over 200 weeks now, we have photo themes of either a new technique or simple subject.

At the completion of the theme, I go Live to share everyone's photos, provide feedback and highlight techniques that are working.

Which other photography course offers that?

BONUS FIVE: Struman Optics lens attachment 15% off (up to $302 discount value)

Struman Optics Macro lens attachment accessories - smartphone photography training

As an ambassador to Struman Optics, I can pass on an additional 15% off any existing discounted price on my website - here.

These quality lenses add extra capability and creativity to your photography.

​​The multi-layer, crystal nano-coating and multi-element arrangement ensure the results are edge-to-edge sharp. There is minimal to no distortion and edge darkening (vignetting).

BONUS SIX: 14-Day Photo Creativity Challenge ($398 delivery value)

14-day smartphone iphone android photo creativity challenge photography

One of the biggest false self-beliefs that we all share at some stage is believing we are not creative! Am I right?

This challenge is your key to start building that creativity muscle by learning basic photography principles and guidelines so you can be more confident and take interesting photos anywhere, anytime!

As a technical photographer for over 20-years, I was absolutely convinced I was not creative. A late adopter to smartphone photography, I learned everything I could about photo intention, storytelling and composition.

What is included?

  • 3-hour in-person workshop value to deliver equivalent content ($597 value)
  • Printable PDF course workbook ($49 value)
  • Replay LIVE webclass delivering the course content in one hour - Save time ($199 value)
  • Replay Live online presentation to camera club on using Adobe Lightroom mobile app as a camera ($199 value)
  • Closed Facebook group - community, photo challenges, live tutorials and direct access to me ($199 value)
  • 15% discount off the entire Struman Optics lens range (up to $302 value)
  • Access to the 14-day photo creativity challenge - in-person equivalent value to deliver ($398 value)


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Jenny Nolt

Mike is honest and open in assessing people's photographs. "He gives good advice in a very kind way and recommend his training and the way he does things".

Terry Betts

Mike is very personable, professional photographer, professional trainer who can guide you to getting the most out of your smartphone photographically and for your editing”

Rocio Lopez

Mike is a very engaging speaker and explains things in a way that is easy to grasp. He is always working on new courses and content. His passion for photography shows in everything he does and is very contagious.

“My friend and I attended your workshop and are both studying a Diploma in Photo Imaging. We wanted to do a fun activity at the Waterfront and learn a different style of photography. We were absolutely astounded how much we can do on our phone. You showed us more practical stuff in one hour than we have learned in six months at XXXX. I don’t want to finish my course now! I had no idea I could do almost anything Photoshop does on my iPhone! "


“After selling my DSLR some time ago, I was looking to see how to make better use of my mobile phone camera. I would highly recommend the course as it is very well structured and avoids unnecessary jargon.  Each section is very practical and examples are clearly explained in the videos.  I felt encouraged to apply the new skills right away. I had very little experience in photo editing and this course has really opened my mind. Mike is very approachable and provides constructive feedback throughout."

Phillipe B

You have two options: 

You can continue to do it on your own, searching free content and delaying your transformation by not investing in your hobby, believing it is too difficult to learn, you are not technical enough or don’t have the time.


You can invest an hour to watch the webclass, unlock the photographer within, reach the full potential of your existing smartphone and immediately start creating tack-sharp photos that you can be proud to share, post online and print.


In just one hour... 

You will start consistently filling your smartphone with tack-sharp photos that you love – confidently created using your newly adopted system.

The longer you wait, the more beautiful photos of precious moments and experiences you will miss or quickly discard as not good enough.


And you get... 

In addition to the above value of $1,943, you get continued access to myself long after you finish through our community and ongoing photo themes. You will become part of something special, a community of learning, fulfilled photo enthusiasts where you feel supported, motivated, inspired and belong.

I am not adding fake inflated prices or countdown timers to introduce scarcity and rush your decision. You know that you can enrol now and have a look inside. For whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied, receive a full refund for any reason at all.

Blurry to Tack-sharp photos on multi devices (1)

'Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System'

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Over 90% OFF the total value!!

 $1,943 ONLY $129

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to a basic understanding of photography first?

This course is designed without the assumption of any prior knowledge. We start at the basics and support you along the way to the more advanced techniques and tools. You can post a question to Mike directly or to our private Facebook group, where you can help others with the answer.

What if have an older phone, iPad or Tablet?

That’s ok. This course has two main sections, photo capture and photo edit. One of the key differences with this course is that is not reliant on the latest gear or apps. You will learn about the perception of sharpness and lots of strategies. 

Which apps do you use?

The main app demonstrated is Adobe Lightroom mobile app. If your mobile device does not support the app, I am happy to provide a refund for your enrollment investment.

How long will the course take?

If time is an issue for you. You are not alone! I have included a replay of a Live 1-hour webclass that covered all the content in the course. You can then refer to the course on for more information on each topic discussed.

The course contains text and video lessons. If you are a Netflix binge-watcher, then you could easily get it done in a weekend! You also get access to our Facebook community for continued project and community-based learning long after you finish this course.

4 different types of guarantees - SMartphone Photography Training courses

Have you ever seen so many different types of guarantees? No risk at all. Enrol, check it out. If it does not meet your expectations - email me for no questions asked  full refund within 30-days.

Satisfaction guarantee

I know you'll love this course because previous participants send me lovely emails telling me exactly that every day. Still, just in case, I am more than confident in offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of receipt, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. All emails replied within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

Up to date guarantee

This course comes with an "always updated" guarantee. Every month the course is checked for outdated lessons. If something has changed or become outdated, a fresh lesson is recorded to keep it up to date. When you purchase with Smartphone Photography Training, you'll never be left with incomplete or old information again.

Lifetime guarantee

I have personally purchased courses and attempted to access it later to find it deleted! Even though they offered lifetime access was no longer there. This course will be updated as different elements need refreshing or the tools change. Your access will not change. If you have any issues logging in, tap the forgot my password in the original login page. Any further issues, please make contact. This course is also designed to also be a resource for you to return to on an as-needed basis.

Learn new stuff guarantee


I am so confident there is something for everyone that you can get a full refund if you didn't learn a single thing! I have some tips in there that even professional photographers are not doing! How do I know? I have been in the photography professional development space for years and only just learned some of this recently.

In just 14 days you will experience this transformation 


Your confidence in your smartphone and your ability to capture tack-sharp photos any time, in any situation will have grown. One of the most satisfying improvements is the ability to capture beautiful, incredible details of the beautiful world that you live. You will not be able to help yourself go back and sharpen all your favourite photos and really bring them to life - now that you know all the secrets of the editing tools. 

But only when you choose to act. The choice is yours. 

Click the button below to get started! 

You will not feel abandoned after enrolling. At the conclusion of the challenge, you will be invited to our Smartphone Photography Club Facebook group. There, our conversation will continue as we share your photography journey. I cannot wait to observe and be a part of your transformation. 

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'Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System'

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As you can see, this is one of the lowest price offerings I have. There is a catch though - it is called reciprocity.

Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one to another. Your genuine video testimonial would considerably help others considering enrolling. If you do not feel uncomfortable on video. That's ok. I get it. Inside the course, I have a link to upload either a video or written testimonial.

This price deal is for the next 100 customers to get the customer feedback I need.

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