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Perfect opportunity for bloggers, influencers, social media marketing educators.

Do you have an online audience that captures and shares photos?

Smartphone Photography Training offers eBooks and courses for the iPhone and Android photo enthusiast. These products are produced for the beginner to intermediate mobile photography discovering and enjoying their passion for photography and small businesses producing their own high-quality images.

Low entry products

Free Smartphone Photography Course - 5 Video Series - click/tap here for more details. This is a great way to build the trust of your audience and potentially filter those that may be interested in a paid course. An example is tagging email opens and clicks.

$19 eBook: Get the most out of your iPhone or iPad Camera 2020 - click/tap here for more details. The iPhone has many hidden features. This eBook also covers shooting techniques, in-built photo editor and helpful apps. This lower-priced product is a great way to test if your audience is willing to start investing in their smartphone photography training.


Affiliate product

$199 Course: Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days

This is the flagship mobile photo editing course. This course really is the best available for mobile photo editing (in my opinion!). It is suited to both photo enthusiasts and small business owners that want to create more powerful images. What makes this course different is me on camera walking through the why and when of each tool before demonstrating in jargon-free language the how to apply each tool.

Click/Tap here to read more details about the course.


Who would be an ideal affiliate?

  • Photography educator - online or offline
  • Travel, tourism, food, fashion and lifestyle blogger
  • Social media advisor or manager - help your clients help you!
  • Camera club linking on their website for alternative income avenue
  • Instagram influencer - audience wants to create images like yourself
  • Basically, if your audience needs or wants to strategically enhance their images

How to become an Affiliate

Step 1: Apply for consideration and approval

Complete the below form to express your interest in becoming an affiliate and provide initial information for a review. Basically, I am looking for a compatible and sizeable audience. If your affiliate account is approved, you will receive an email with login information and instructions.

The below three questions are required to express your interest and provide initial information.

**Be sure to hit SUBMIT

If approved, I'll set you up an affiliate account and email you your affiliate link. FYI, you'll be able to promote every course in Smartphone Photography Training’s school with this one link.

Step 2: Wait for email containing your affiliate link

Step 3: Start bringing in your sales

It's that simple. Simply sharing what you've learned, how it helped you and why you think it would be good for your audience is all you have to do to promote this course.

Promotional Ideas

1. Write a benefits-oriented blog post: 

You can share the story of where your skills and confidence were positioned before and after

2. Subscribers: 

Announce it to your newsletter subscribers.

3. Social media: 

Post before and after images and live video tutorials to your social media accounts. Add the affiliate link to your social accounts profiles

4. Interview: 

You can send me blog post interview questions and I'll get my answers back to you -- usually within 2-3 days. Can also be a guest on your podcast.

5. Bonus: 

Add a bonus of your own to make it more enticing. This can be an eBook, video demonstration of lessons learned, etc.

6. Bundle: 

Bundle/pair it with an existing product of your own

7. Offer discounts: 

We can offer a stronger call to action, using scarcity and discounting. Happy to chat if you believe a lower purchase price could encourage more sign-ups in your audience.

8. YouTube Video: 

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web. Highlight to your audience the benefits of improving their smartphone photography and opportunity of a structured course. A simple video explaining why and how you think the course can benefit your audience would be ideal.

Things to note:

  • Generous 40% commission and a 365-days cookie period (affiliate standard is 30 days!)
  • Transactions for each affiliate are tracked via browser cookie
  • Affiliates are paid via Paypal 30 days after the end of the month in which sales are made (this covers any refunds)

BONUS TIP: Earn on Autopilot

A tried and tested email sequence can be provided to add to your auto-responder. This can then tweaked to match your communication style and be consistently visible to new members of your community and audience.


Email 1: Highly Recommended: Photo Editing Course on Your Smartphone!

Email 2: [Sneak Peak inside] Cropping – The Most Critical Step in Editing Your Image

Email 3: [LAST CHANCE] Smartphone Photo Editing Course Closing

Email 4: [CLOSING TONIGHT] Recommended Smartphone Photo Editing Course

Banners for your promotion

Introduction video to the Course: 'Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days' - embed code below:

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Introduction video to the Course: 'Mobile Editing - Enthusiast to Pro in 21 Days' - URL ''

EBook - Get more out of your iPhone and iPad camera All the hidden features explained
eBook 4
EBook - Get more out of your iPhone and iPad camera All the hidden features explained
eBook 3
Free smartphone photography course - iphone and android learn photography in a weekend free five video series
Free course 3
Copy of Copy of Copy of Course - Confidently edit WOW images on your smartphone
Copy of Course - Strategically create WOW images on your smartphone