Watch the video to learn more about the new world-first manual focus macro smartphone lens attachment.  Note: You can watch at double speed!

Macro and close-up photography accelerates your learning

Macro is by far my favourite technique to push the boundaries of the smartphone and editing. The right lens can transport you into another world of endless complexity and infinite depth. You notice details not seen and appreciate the subtle effects of light and shadows.

Macro photography develops your photography techniques and vision. You quickly learn to identify subjects, best angles, composition, background blur, lighting and my favourite  image editing.

Introducing Struman Optics world-first manual focus macro lens

Struman Optics is a Melboune-based company here in Australia. They are always investing in research and development to improve their product range. This lens was a result of reaching out to their ambassadors and our communities. This incredible manual focus macro lens attachment is a world-first.

How amazing is it for us to be a part of that?

This lens needs to be held between 7cm and 3mm of the subject. offering a depth of field of approximately 10mm! This is the distance from the front to the back of the area that is in focus.

This manual focus smartphone lens produces the most beautiful, creamy out of focus background I have seen. It is optical too, which has always eluded us mobile photographers.

Struman Optics Cinematic manual focus Macro smartphone lens attachment accessories - smartphone photography training

How to use the Cinematic macro lens manual focus ring

Firstly, if the idea of manual focus is a little intimidating or you just want to use it more conveniently, you do not need to use the manual focus ring. Rotate it half way between the two end rotation points. Then use the auto focus on your smartphone or tap the screen to tell your phone where to focus.

The focus ring moves the 10mm in-focus area from within 1cm from the lens to 7cm away. As you hold your smartphone facing the subject, rotate the lens focus ring to the left to hold the lens closer to the subject. To the right enables you to move further back.

Watch the video to learn more about the new world-first manual focus macro smartphone lens attachment by

Lens build and quality

This lens has superior optical quality, edge-to-edge sharpness, portability, durability and is easy to use.

The aircraft aluminium alloy casing and thread simply feels like quality! Each lens includes a high tensile universal clamp.

​​The multi-layer, crystal nano coating and multi-element arrangement ensures the results are sharp . There is minimal to no distortion and edge darkening (vignetting). The result is images full of contrast and clarity.

Worried about accidental drops? The glass is cushioned with high-density rubber to take the impact. No need to test this!

​Using Adobe Lightroom camera for macro

This camera app provides a manually controlled camera on both iPhone and Android. My process involves reducing the ISO to 64 then adjusting the seconds (shutter) until the brightness is to my preference (exposure).

Next, I tap on [+] being the focus icon. Swiping the dot off Auto, you can adjust between 0 and 100%. Setting the focus at 0% allows you to hold the smartphone close to the subject and 100% further away.

​You are now really squeezing the most out of this lens, finding the balance between the manual focus ring and focus controlled in the camera app.

Adobe Lightroom mobile app focus peaking technique with the Struman Optics manual focus macro smartphone lens attachment

Universal clamp and Struman Optics case option

The universal clamp is included in all Struman Optics lens purchases. It secures the lens over most smartphone cases and can even be flipped around to place the lens over the front lens!

​Some multi-lens smartphones do not have a flat surface to place the clamp. Your existing cover may also be quite thick, increasing the distance between your phone lens and the attachment.

My recommendation with macro photography is to invest in one of these cases to perfectly align your lens.

Available for iPhones and selected Androids

No obsolescence

Let explain this one. Most lens manufacturers plan for smartphone upgrades requiring you to replace your lens attachment. The Struman Optics range fit most smartphones and even tablets using the universal clamp. The most you may upgrade is a new case. Who wants a 2, 3-year old case anyway?

Free shipping - 5-year warranty - 30-days free return

Struman Optics offers an industry leading 5-year manufacturer warranty. All verified purchases are protected for breaks, cracks and scratches. They will repair or replace your products under warranty.​ The 30-day money back guarantee is also a reflection on how confident they are in their product. ​


Your existing smartphone provides you with the capacity to capture great photos. Combining photographic intention, composition and editing really elevate your photos into images. Taking advantage of the new wide-angle lens in the Cinematic range provides you with more scope and extends your existing capability.