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Photogtraphy Talk Guest article - before and after photo editing example - Snapseed app

What does creating beautiful images on your smartphone mean to you?

  • Photo enthusiast: becoming creative, learning and loving photography without the big camera and the technical stuff
  • Traveller: capturing and editing images that spark nostalgia instead of the disappointment of boring snapshot photos
  • Blogger: improving SEO, creating purposeful, original images instead of the same stock images everyone uses
  • Family: reliving cherished moments that cannot be replaced, recording loved one's lives to remember in years to come
before and after smartphone photography training - photo editing using apps on your iphone and android phone

Your shortcut to accelerated photography learning - on your existing smartphone!

  • Tutorials and courses delivered, considering adult learning principles - imagine that, being treated like an adult!
  • Learn directly from me, Mike James - qualified in Training Design and Assessment - there are no tests involved!
  • Don't feel abandoned after you buy - continued access to myself in our Facebook group
  • A course provides an accelerated learning path to become the photographer you want
  • Become visually literate and learn photography without the complicated jargon
  • Take your love of photography to the next level - feel confident and creative

Do you:

  • Lack direction in photo editing
  • Apply the same 3-4 editing steps
  • Find yourself relying on your favourite filters
  • Struggle to be creative and 'see' photographic opportunities
  • Struggle to find smartphone-specific structured training package
  • Want to make the photos you have already captured look amazing

$67 course now a FREE smartphone photography video series - learn the 'secrets'

Introduction: Each of the five videos discussed in this free course
Video 1: Hidden phone camera features & basic camera tips
Video 2: Principles - intention, compositional structure and lighting
Video 3: Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image
Video 4: My favourite accessories - when and how to use them
Video 5: Practical demonstration - combining the techniques & tips

Want to binge-watch the video series?

Hi, I'm Mike the 'Smartphone Photo Guy'

As a late adopter to the smartphone camera, I regrettably missed capturing many special memories and experiences.

My mission: Empower and mentor you to become more mobile photography literate, more creative and confident to capture your stories, discover and develop your photography passion and have fun editing images, taking full advantage of recommended apps.

Mike James - iphone photographer based in Geelong and Melbourne