Hi, I'm Mike the 'Smartphone Photo Guy'

As a late adopter to the smartphone camera, I regrettably missed capturing many special memories and experiences.

My mission: Empower and mentor you to become more mobile photography literate, more creative and confident to capture your stories, discover and develop your photography passion and have fun editing images and take full advantage of recommended apps.

Better Mobile Photos - Mike James - iPHone Photographer - Smartphone Photography Training

Easily take your smartphone photography to the next level - video series

Introduction: Each of the five videos discussed in this free course
Video 1: Hidden phone camera features & basic camera tips
Video 2: Principles - intention, compositional structure and lighting
Video 3: Six-step photo editing process to enhance any image
Video 4: My favourite accessories - when and how to use them
Video 5: Practical demonstration - combining the techniques & tips

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"Photography has nothing to do with camera" - Lucas Gentry